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Last Update: May 25, 2018

This post will be short and sweet.

I get a very common question from referrals and others that are new to the community.

"Is it OK to have multiple blogs?"

In short, heck yeah it is OK to have more than one blog.

The more you write the more money you will make.

However, if you are new, I HIGHLY suggest that you focus on one. In fact, some of you who are experienced, I would still suggest only focusing on one.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a niche and blitzing it for about 3-4 months, add about 30-50 posts then letting the website sit for a few months to gain traffic and authority.

If you keyword research is on point to what Kyle teaches in the Online Certification training, then you will eventually rank for a ton of keywords.

I just think that dedicating your time on one and FINISHING it is better than starting 3 or 4 and never finishing any.

Just think, would you rather have 5 blogs with 5 posts each, or 1 blog with 25 posts?

(spoiler alert: you want the latter... then rinse and repeat).

I'd rather have 4 sites completely "done" after a years time, rather than 4 sites with less than 20 posts each in a years time.


After a while, once your site starts to earn money, then you should reinvest that money into your site and hire a few writers. Spend a couple hundred bucks on creating articles and you can schedule your posts in Wordpress.

That way you can continually post to a site that you are doing nothing (actively) to maintain.

Check on it once a week or even once a month.

Enjoy the passive income.

But as the site is posting articles by itself, you can focus on... you guessed it... another niche site!

DISCLAIMER: These notes are really geared toward building niche sites, not particularly an authority site. What you can do to combat this, is be general with your domain name (while keeping the site laser focused). If you have a niche site that catches fire in a major way, then concentrate on it more and turn it into an authority site.

Since you were general in the beginning, it will be easier to open it up a bit and expand to other topics on the blog related to the niche!

OK, I know there wasn't much structure to this post, just something I wanted to get off my chest in helping anyone willing to listen.

Chime in below, what do you think? Is it wise to focus on one blog at a time? or should you attack multiple ones? Am I way off base? or right on?

Newbies and experienced are invited to comment!


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EKaye1 Premium
I am just focusing on one site at the moment and for me it is better to focus on just one and then some point in the future will be another one. I want to put all my focus and making the first one a success, so it makes sense in what you are saying.
marmar463 Premium
Right now I have three sites that I am working on one is almost done and I started one to promote WA. And one is a Christian site that needs a lot on it but I am working on two them steady and I am taking my time on the third one. I hope this is helpful to you
Effiepullin1 Premium
I think you are correct in focus on one blog at a time. That way you have time to focus what you want to do next.
Hollshope Premium
I see your point and thanks for sharing. It is better to have one finished site than three or four that are barely breathing. I'm writing for four sites and try to be consistent with each one.
manne13666 Premium
I think you are spot on! I know that I am working on a single blog site now with the end result that I will be able to cut back a bit in a month or 2 and focus on slowly building another one.

That being said I do plan on keeping my first site my "main" site as it were and still plan on posting regularly. I'm not quite comfortable just letting it sit there. To combat that I write 5 posts a week and only post 3 of them so when I do cut back I will have a surplus that I can continue posting.

That's just me and everyone is different. I do like where you're going. Good luck!

Take care,