Google Indexing Now Puts Mobile Search on Top

Last Update: May 28, 2019

I saw on my feeds today (on my phone ironically since this post pertains to mobile phones) that come July google will be prioritizing mobile indexing. So basically the experience while searching on mobile phones will take priority over desktop searches.

Not sure how much it will effect us all if we keep our user experience in mind and use themes that are responsive and mobile friendly. If you fail to do so you will ultimately see your ranking fall.

Knowing this I am sure our technology partners and the tools and themes we use will utlimately streamline their code to make sure they are performing up to par. However, what will be some of the best practices and best ways to verify page speed for mobile user experiences? Keeping graphics small and not overloading pages with poor performing images and videos will help but I am certainly curious as to what your plans on knowing that this is coming to pass.

If you don't know what responsive design is OR if your theme is responsive you will be best served by taking a look - if not go find one that is (shouldn't be difficult since most seem to be these days from my recollection).

Love to hear everyone else's thoughts.

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JAngele Premium
I hate using my mobile, so I may just lose out, hope not. So far I valued my time on WA.
Stacislimm Premium
I did not know this was in the making. Thanks for the update because now I need to go get some more information so as not to get lost.
benjaminpate Premium
I think the news went live yesterday - a quick search online will yield all the details for you.