My Overall Success '1 Year' Progressing at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: August 31, 2019

I've been at Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year now. How time fly's. Once the 7th of September 2019 rolls by, will mark my year anniversary I think.

Today's the 1st of September 2019 in Australia. It's actually fathers day for Australian's and New Zealander's.

I'll need to bring my dad over to my new flat for the night along with a gift, maybe cook a nice dinner to celebrate this day for him.

I must say, I am glad I stuck around and pushed through the harder times here.

Writing and using my brain to think about writing and creating content wasn't my strongest suit in the first place.

But now, I have adapted. And I'm surprised how far my writing skills have evolved over the 12 months just gone.

So i've stuck to majority of the training whilst following the Bootcamp course. The only thing I have negleacted is developing a social media presence and YouTube channel.

Plus, I havn't really gotten into the PPC lessons as yet properly anyway.

It's just something I am not into doing, at least for now.

But in other areas such as:

  1. Following the CIAO writing principle.
  2. Implementing on page SEO.
  3. Engaging in comments.
  4. Website maintainance.
  5. Website enhancements (CTA's) etc.

I feel I've done well in these areas. The results kinda show with some statistics I am about to show.

I have achieved some pretty amazing milestones and surpassed many goals that seemed challenging, but I found I had smashed many of them quicker than expected.

I'll add some statistics and images to illustrate my points of achievements that tend to be appealing to other members here.

As of yesterday, I hit my half century mark. I have published my 50th post/article on my website.

Here are the results I've achieved for that work done following the Weathy Affiliate 'Bootcamp' training course, and along with some natural ability.

P.s. I couldn't get September in for some reason with the screen shots.

So here it goes, in no particular order:

Wealthy Affiliate Stats Totals Between 1st October 2018 - 31st AUGUST 2019

  • Clicks (Raw) = 4,143
  • Clicks (Unique) = 3,485
  • Clicks (Content) = 745
  • New Sales (Premiums) = 13
  • Recurring Sales = 16
  • Domain Sales = 7
  • Total Referrals (1:15 premiums) = 195
  • Referral Credits = 110
  • Revenue (USD) = $520.00

So far I have had 2 Premiums leave, but that's just how business is.

Google Analytics Traffic Stats Between 1st October 2018 - 31st August 2019

  • Users = 63,653
  • New Users = 62,898
  • Sessions = 70,733
  • Sessions Per User = 1.11
  • Page Views = 90,756
  • Pages/Session = 1.28
  • Avg Session Duration = 51 seconds
  • Bounce Rate = 87.39%

Google AdSense Report Between 1st February 2019 - 31st August 2019

  • Estimated earnings = $815.69 (AUD)
  • Page Views = 78,402
  • Impressions = 243,381
  • Clicks = 876
  • Page RPM = $10.40 (AUD)
  • Impression RPM = $3.35 (AUD)
  • Active View Viewable = 63.47%

I was definetly shocked and so excited when I got accepted into Google AdSense back in February 2019.

I know it can be tough getting accepted when you're in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche. I'm very grateful though.

Posting Record to Date (Not including pages)

  • September 2018 = 5 posts.
  • October 2018 = 4 posts.
  • Novemeber 2018 = 2 posts.
  • December 2018 = 1 post.
  • January 2019 = 2 posts.
  • February 2019 = 4 posts.
  • March 2019 = 3 posts.
  • April 2019 = 9 posts.
  • May 2019 = 9 posts.
  • June 2019 = 10 posts.
  • July 2019 = 1 post.
  • August = 1 post.
  • Total = 51 posts (1 is an 'about me' post).

As you can see on the graph I had a lot of traffic. That huge spike was due to a new scam on the market and people were searching for answers about the scam. So I expected it to eventually subside in traffic volume.

Now my traffic has settled back to a more normal rate. Which is about 350 - 500 visits per day.

During July and August I spent a lot of time gaming on my PS4. Which definetly took a lot of time from my business (not a wise decision).

But, this month onward I plan on posting 2 articles per week. If I maintained my posting regime as between April - June 2019 I am sure my overall results would have increased considerably.

But at the end of the day I am only human, life can cause many changes and I feel like I am in a great position going forward regardless.

Final Thoughts

I don't know why I decided to do this type of post and I am sure I would have offended somebody by showing these details.

But WA has the option to blog about success, so it's not against the rules or anything.

Maybe one day I will look back, and even do another post next year to see how much I have grown.

Just noticed the vegas airplane has dropped to 100 today and wasn't looking forward to that happening, now that my 287 has dissappeared. I was very proud of that lol.

There's no way I'll be making it to Vegas Super Affiliate conference this year. Maybe a few years from now I might reach that status.

I'll probly just stick with content creation with SEO to get traffic, AdSense revenue and focus on WA sales.

Ready to get some discipline back with my affiliate business. So that I can help and show others Wealthy Affiliate's platform so they can have a fair go at achieving a thriving affiliate business at an inexpensive price.

If you've read this far. Thanks for reading. If you've enjoyed it, hit the like. I hope this has given some insider details to what one could achieve building an affiliate business using the Wealthy Affiliate system.

Peace out...

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klchang Premium
Wow! You are doing great, Benjamin.
I particularly like your second last paragraph ... awesome.
All the best to you for many more years to come.
ManojV1 Premium
Great work, keep it up!
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Benjamin. It looks like your hard work is paying off. There's no reason why you couldn't make it to Las Vegas This year or next year. You have gotten past the greatest hurdle, your first fifty posts. You only need 25 sales a month to make it this year. If you could increase the amount of posts you are currently writing , and reinvest your earnings into another writer adding extra posts, you could achieve anything. All the best.Jim
Stefoto89 Premium
You have chosen such a popular niche and still got this far. This makes me even more enthusiastic!
Good job in one year of hard work.
RickRomano Premium
Good job sticking to it and progressing.

Have you only made $800 in a whole year though?

This kind of discourages me if so. I need to make a lot more than $800.
tanzanite Premium
I think the $800 was for AdSense and $520 for Wealthy Affiliate. Don't see anything for other affiliate sales.

Also, just 50 posts.

That's not very many for a year, with a quarter of them being written in the last 3 months. For the first six months, he just had 17 posts, so all things considered, the results are pretty good.
Benjamin89 Premium
It is what it is. I have no social media power. I know it doesn't look like much, but that foundation is set in place to build upon. As I scale up, my site results could increase more rapidly. Your overall results could technically be better then mine by the time your year mark comes by.