I Have Been Sent a Threatening Message From 'Six Figure Mentors'

Last Update: September 21, 2019

Hi peoples of the WA,

I crafted an article back in 2018 sometime, still pretty inexperienced reviewing at that stage. And now that my post has accrued better rankings recently, it has caught the eye of the legal department at 'Six Figure Mentors'.

They sent me an email, which I will copy and paste the content right now saying:


URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Unauthorized Use Of The Six Figure Mentors Intellectual Property, False/Inaccurate/defamatory Information



Digital Experts Legal

03:39 (18 hours ago)

to me

ACTION REQUIRED] Regarding: Unauthorized Use Of The Six Figure Mentors Intellectual Property, False/Inaccurate/defamatory Information

Attention Benjamin P. Ward

Our corporate monitoring associates have recently discovered web content/placement associated with you with explicitly unauthorized use of intellectual property (including trademarks and copyrights owned or licensed to Digital Experts LLC/Six Figure Mentors) and inaccurate statements of fact on your website, linked to the following site:


We are known for pursuing any infringement of our intellectual property rights and those of our licensors to the fullest extent of the law, and have unlimited resources to do so.

The information you are providing within your article on https://scamvslegit.com/is-six-figure-mentors-a-scam-or-legi... is inaccurate, defamatory and false in many respects.

While we appreciate people's interest in our company and its products, as you can understand, we cannot, as a company, allow inaccurate information to be provided to the public. We stand by the quality of our offerings, and therefore welcome all opinions with respect to them, positive or negative. However, the false information posted in this article is not an opinion - it is presented as a series of statements of fact, and is simply wrong in many respects.

Also, use of the Six Figure Mentors, Digital Experts Academy and people’s interest in them, to promote your own business, is against the rules; negative marketing is not allowed, contrary to what some affiliate marketing training teaches.

Inaccurate statements of fact are not protected under free speech laws, and rise to the level of libel and/or slander, depending on how presented.

We will review this site in 48 hours and proceed accordingly at that point. Please contact us with any questions at legal@digitalexpertsacademy.com.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Compliance & Legal

Digital Experts Academy

1007 N Orange St.,

Wilmington, DE 19801



Connect with us:

The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential. They are intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received this email by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to anyone or make copies thereof.


So, I just want to know if I should take this email seriously. I can see there are other posts promoting WA ranking well in the SERPS for that company's keywords. So maybe I will be OK.

But I cannot afford any court proceedings if this is a serious threat.

Here is the post they are referring to:




1. Should I remove all the images I had screenshot back then, taken from the Six Figure Mentors website?

2. Should I delete the post and simply forfeit that article.

3. Should I update the article, then add content stating that Six Figure Mentors threatened to take legal action against my content?

I just don't know how to handle this situation.

Thank-you for your response in advanced!

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ExpatMark Premium
Tell them you saw their email in your spam folder and ask them to quit bothering you.
OSegun Premium
Hi Benjamin,
Your question has been well approached by colleagues that have responded earlier.

I will only emphasise that you seek counsel from Kyle and Carson before you take further steps.

I wish you all the best.

davehayes Premium
I have had these in the past and my view is I touched a nerve with them

If they had nothing to hide why write that... It's only my view

Personally I'd ignore it, what are they going to do
Benjamin89 Premium
It's ridiculous, because I talk up the company saying it's super professional, I gave it a good rating, said it was legit. And I am not even an affiliate for that company when the opportunity is there to be an affiliate.
From what I remember, mind you, they bloody charge you to be an affiliate, which is why I did not get involved with them.
petardz Premium
Its not up to keywords.. its up to some pictures i think, and maybe you should add review in your article title.. you are using their photos (from CEOs).. but i dont think its so serious threat.. maybe someone more experienced can tell you
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Personally, I would remove the images that are copyright (Logos and so on), as for the rest, it seems fine.
Everything you have stated is on the Web, thus making it 'public' information.

After that though, I'm unsure, as these guys may have nothing better to do than to take 'legal action'. However, I question the 'legal validity' of an email, and not a letter, on letterhead from actual Legal Counsel.

Kyle and Carson would be able to answer this in better detail though. I'm interested to see their answer to this dilemma.

Benjamin89 Premium
When I heard about WA getting sued by MOBE, it put that fear in the back of my mind ever since that it could happen to me.

Now it has, so I am a little bit worried.

And yea, I sent a P.M. to Kyle also, so keen to see what he has to say about this matter.
davehayes Premium
MOBE was illegal and they had to claim money from somewhere so why not through the courts if they can do that of course

No fears here for you