Diary of WA progress, 47 weeks to go. the hard questions

Last Update: November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am 2 days behind on my weekly blog (due to holidays) but trying fervently to catch back up. I thought I would forecast my future expense, so that when I do start making money, I can keep it real.

5 weeks in, amount earned: 0$

Amount spent? Let's see, today is Black Friday and I took advantage of the yearly Premium membership:Let's add that to my bills so far... WA 1st Month 19.99, Jaaxy first month 50.47, web domain through WA, 14.41 Second month of WA 50.47 (Yeah, 49.99 then some strange "international fee" on my website, Jaaxy 2nd mo 50.47, WA Year black Friday special cost me 264.71, so my total so far is: $450.10

Now, that includes the web domain, discounted first month of WA, and first two months of Jaaxy, so let's find out what the next 10 months of Jaaxy will cost (50.47*10=) 504.70...

Add that to my current amount spent, 450.52, and we come up with 955.22.

In week 5? That's ridiculous!!

Or is it?...

That's what I am paying for the first year of WA and Jaaxy, with my own domain.

We divide that by 12 and I'm paying:

79.60 per month!!

(For the first year.)

Better than 100+ a month for Jaaxy and WA, but that is only because of the yearly premium discount and the "Black Friday" discount, if you will.


[[ Now, if you have been reading any of my blogs, you will remember that I purchased a front page web builder because I completely obliterated my website one too many times while trying a adjust the footer. I don't like CSS. I don't like ftp. I don't like HTML. So, if I were to add that 200 dollars in, I'm actually looking at a smooth 105 dollars per month that I've invested. That's not in the charts and bold type because that was just my need, not necessarily the typical WA member's needs ]]


So, if I'm spending THAT type of money each month, which adds up to a grand+ per year, I have to ask myself the hard questions:

Does Blogging on WA make me any money?


Does ranking higher in WA by answering questions, welcoming new people, performing training, etc., make me any money?


People rank in top 100 within a few weeks of becoming an affiliate, does that mean they make money on websites and I should listen to their advice?


Is anyone really reading this blog anyhow (probably not since I named it my diary-lol)?


Is my time better spent just focusing on my site, and perhaps only writing one WA blog per month, for a personal review of my progress, a better idea?


Am I well beyond my minimum commitment of 21 hours per week at the end of week 5?


Is too much of that WA time playing around on WA instead of working on site?


Have I made a single dollar yet?


Am I super confident I am going to make money with WA, and be able to leave my J.O.B. in the next year or so?


So there you have it. An analysis of the money spent and the reality checks in place for me to realize, it's time to crank out the website blogs (not wa blogs), it's time to focus on website comments (not WA comments), it time to find true EXPERTS to help me (not high-ranking WA members who may or may not be making any cashola).

In Summation: It was fantastic week! I got a great deal on WA membership. I learned more about SEO, I learned more about optimization, and conversion. I learned the difference between all three. Mostly, I learned where I have wasted time.

I'm here to find experts to help me make money, so I can quit my day j.o.b. which is likely causing me serious physical harm. I thrill in the online adventure, and want to be successful so I can help others do the same - be thrilled. Make a living. Help other people.

Thank You, Kyle and Carson.

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Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for setting the post out as you have.
A good read indeed.
Thanks and cheers, Tosh :)
RHBarlow Premium
I just ended my second month. I know it will come when I least expect it.
Easy-Moneys Premium
I hear you loud and clear!

It's taken me one year to earn but I've finally done it with what some here would consider a SCAM type site but it has worked for me!

It has earned me back my Original WA Annusl Premium MEMBERSHIP & has paid for the renewal and for my 3 paid domains!

Please PM me if you would like to learn how!

I realize WA takes the high road and so ultimately agree with utilizing the WA techniques for long term earnings...but...
why not use one of the techniques I found by following a WA Top 50 ranked Successfully Earning Affiliate?

I am available 24/7/365 to get you to earning! To be transparent, you can join free but I recommend spending $20 USD to start earning DAILY IMMEDIATELY!

I am not SCAMMING-I am simply responding to what sounds like a desire to earn back your WA investment to date!

Dr Barb
BeMyExpert Premium
Hi Dr. Barb,

I'll bite. Tell me more.

PatLemy Premium
Thanks for sharing !!