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Well, here we go, the most exciting thing happened to me over the last few days, I changed my niche!My first niche was too general (gifts), too generic (for men), and it left me really lacking in a direction. I wanted to make money, oh yes, and I wanted to narrow it down a bit but it was such a general topic that was TOO expansive. I would sit down and think "I'll write on this topic" about giving gifts for men, say the outdoorsy type man (which I am since I camp and hike and chainsaw, etc.) an
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!I am 2 days behind on my weekly blog (due to holidays) but trying fervently to catch back up. I thought I would forecast my future expense, so that when I do start making money, I can keep it real. 5 weeks in, amount earned: 0$Amount spent? Let's see, today is Black Friday and I took advantage of the yearly Premium membership:Let's add that to my bills so far... WA 1st Month 19.99, Jaaxy first month 50.47, web domain through WA, 14.41 Second month of WA 50.47 (Yeah
Okay, after the loss of my site last week and starting from scratch at the beginning of my fourth week...I made a critical decision: I purchased a front-page website builder. The back-page editing was driving me crazy, I am a visual person and needed to see what I was doing. Yes, it was about 200$ and yes, I had to spend about 15 hours on a tutorial to learn how to use it, but in the last 4 hours I have made supreme progress on my website! I even started a review of a product that I took campin
Extreme disappointment after 3 weeks.Have I kept up with my commitment?Well, as far as actual time and labor goes, I am thoroughly confident I spent well more in this third week than my committed time of 21 hours. In fact, I took one of my last vacation days for 2016 and basically worked 14 hours that day, yesterday. Today I worked a solid 8, so at week three I can say, with 49 more weeks to go, I'm about 18 hours over my committed progress as far as hours-inputted.Problem? My site is junk. Lo
Sure, I'll try WA!That's what I said 2 weeks ago, and I promised in my goal page to devote 3 hours per day and 7 days per week, for 52 weeks... ...and 2 of those are now over, so let's sum it up!Expenditures after Week 2:Time: 26 hours (again, well over the 21 hours committed)Cumulative Money Spent: 82 dollars (no additional costs in week 2)Accomplishments after Week 2:My Site is ranked by Google now and site health increased every day. My affiliate standing leapt up to 1357.I Created a Gravata
Hello there!My name is Christian and I started WA by giving myself a year to make myself successful. Yes, 52 weeks... and one of them is now over, so let's sum it up!I committed to 3 hours per day, 7 days per week worth of effort. Along with this I committed to any reasonable costs that I might incur other than the immediately stated costs of membership. Reasonable costs, mind you! So, let's sum it up after week 1:Expenditures after Week 1: Time: 25 hours (a few over the 3 hours per 7 days th