How Lucky Am I !

Last Update: April 13, 2017

Hi !

I'm Ros and my niche is Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse . It could be a bit of a grizzly subject but Im planning to focus on the positives which is in line with my counselling philosophy . Im coming from a strength based /solution focused perspective. I plan to add it a bit of fun stuff in order to keep things light but yet informative about this form of Domestic Violence which is still all too common.

I'm at the end of Course 2 which is why Im doing this "blog" post so that both you and I can see how far Ive come !

I am still pinching myself that Ive come to WA and have found it to be...........

  • so friendly!
  • for me, in my life right now , so timely and just what I was looking for !
  • stimulating to be learning something new every day!
  • perfect to work from home!
  • perfect to work from wherever I want!
  • a money making venture ....well WILL be!
  • something that will mean I wont have to rely on my kids in old age!
  • a means to be able to afford to travel again!
  • a social outlet given that I love chatting and meeting new people!
  • interesting seeing what other peoples niches are !
  • a way in which to give back. My knowledge its a bit limited right now but i have a go!
  • enjoyable "going to work " everday !
  • well organised
  • easy to access various forms of help.
  • ITS NOT MLM but still has incentives

I'm hoping Ive said enough to prove that I think WA is one of the best things to happen to me and that come hell or high water I will succeed!

I AM really proud of what I've done so far , my self esteem is pretty low, after all, if you're told you're not worthy often enough you start to believe it . Im here to reverse that thinking and prove to myself and others that I am worthy!

I dont have enough confidence honestly right now to say I could be an ambassador but hopefully once my confidence grows I may be able to see that as a possibility!

Thanks to all who have helped me get this far and thanks in advance for those who no doubt will !

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Freedomseekr Premium
Well said, Ros! I couldn't have said it better myself on how awesome it is to be here at WA!

Congrats on how far you've gotten in the training! Keep up the great work you've been, you've gotten a lot done on your site since I last looked...Awesome job!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
BellaCa Premium
Thank you , that means a lot lot lot !! I know I'll still have moments of doubt about my ability but when I see comments like yours I feel so happy !
Thank you so so much Sherry XX
Brycey Premium
Im so happy for you Ros,I Believe in you and know your gonna make it happen,look what you've accomplished so far. Bryce
BellaCa Premium
Thanks Bryce! Im back here again today so I guess thats proof ! !
Good Friday here in Aus so Im giving thanks for being able to do this and that WA has come my way just in the nick of time !
MelaniLukito Premium
You can be who you want to be by taking actions.
BellaCa Premium
Yes m'am !! You are so right ...but you may need to keep reminding me and kick my butt every now and again! Ha!
ronnydeon Premium
congrats on how far you've come! :)
BellaCa Premium
Thanks Ronny
Huffman Premium
Keep up the hard work and keep going with the training, you sound like you really like it here so I don't see why not just keep going!

You may want to check your link, It isn't working on my end to your website.

Great job so far, Keep it up!

BellaCa Premium
Oh really , Ill check now ! Thanks!
BellaCa Premium
You are correct Kenny ! Spelling typo I see! How do I edit it , do you know??

I only ask because it wasnt done in wordpress so not sure where to look for it ??
Huffman Premium
At the top of the page, there is a little gear/setting, from there you can edit your post.
BellaCa Premium
Hey Huffo !
Did you notice I found it ?! Go me !