Should I Stay or Should I Go? Woo-Hoo!

Last Update: June 24, 2017

Earlier this week, I made the decision to leave WA for a while because there are things in my life that need to take priority. I have an "all or nothing" attitude about most things I set my mind to, and can't seem to limit my commitment level to things that I get excited about, such as my websites and training here. The only logical thing for me to do, to cope with this negative behavior, is to cancel my access to WA so that I can force myself to focus on other things that need to take precedence.

Note the yellow arrow on the above picture! It is pointing to my "Warning Banner" that is reminding me of my choice for non-commitment to this endeavor.

Since hitting the CANCEL MEMBERSHIP button, I have frantically skimmed through the training in the Certification courses that I have not yet completed, started building on my 2nd website venture, and spent more time than ever on developing my social media networks.

There seems to be an issue here: I am now allotting more time than I had before on plugging through the WA process. I have this desire to get as much in as I can before it is all taken away from me. In doing so, I now have more ideas and new directions that I would love to take in the affiliate marketing world. I have stayed up all hours of the night working on these ideas and have forgotten to sleep, eat, and live. (That last statement may be a wee bit of an exaggeration, but this is how serious I consider my problem.) I just can't step down and accept that I'm going to write this chapter out of my life for a while.

When it comes right down to it, I know my passion lies here!

I am now finding myself questioning my decision and motives to leave. I have repeatedly weighed the pros and cons, including factors such as financial obligations, scheduling conflicts, prioritizing life, and maintaining my personal health and well-being.

I am currently having a mental battle with myself about this decision.

I know most of you are not aware of my niche selection, or my reasons behind choosing the particular niche, and that is because I have not been very public about it. It is hard for me to share my work with fellow WA members because there is always a fear in the back of my head that my abilities will be judged. (This is an irrational fear, stemmed from perfectionism. I am acutely aware of this and have been working at challenging my self-criticisms.) My websites are a work in progress, and I need to accept that.

The WA community has a strong support network and is here for me.

I recognize the perks and benefits to the power of community that Kyle and Carson have set up on this platform, which seems to be the premise to WA's success. I have never before been involved in a business venture with such a versatile support network on my side.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get caught up in logging into WA and going straight to SiteRubix to work on your website development. We are all eager for success and want to get there as fast as possible. That SiteRubix button disguises itself as the "click on me for immediate success as an affiliate marketer" tool. Everything else that WA has to offer is just a nuisance, and only serves the purpose of wasting even more of my precious time!

This is the mentality that I have possessed for several months through my WA journey. It is an individualistic approach, motivated by greed, that only serves to turn on my blinders to how success in this industry should be achieved.

Everything I need is all right here in front of me, and I have been ignoring the tools that WA has put in place for my increased potential to succeed. I think that my approach has put a damper on my self-confidence to achieve what I had originally set out to do.

I'm kind of just blabbering, in an unorganized fashion, because ultimately, I am having an internal debate on a public forum. I apologize to those that are not following me as I have left some important personal detail out, but hope that this blog might help someone, and I know there are many in here, that can relate and understand my unspoken words.

To sum it all up, right before I started writing this blog, I was drinking a frozen beverage and experienced that incredibly disturbing feeling of "brain freeze". While suffering, I had an epiphany!

Many things that seem unbearable only last temporarily. There are always more things in life that make those painful moments worth it.

I have decided to change my self-defeatest perspective. I can hold myself accountable to the way that I am working on my success goals, and make necessary changes to make it work in a way that fits into my scheme.

For me, this means that the notion of success that "you'll get what you're willing to put into it" does not have to be an "all or nothing" approach.

I am choosing to resubscribe to WA, and also resubscribing, or pledging, to change the way I have been working toward my goals. I am going to take advantage of ALL WA has to offer, especially its incredible support community.

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MozMary Premium Plus
I did that once too and exactly the same thing - dived into all the training for the last few days and then realized omg why didn't I do this before, I love it! :) It shows you do actually have the time to do the training, and that it brings your mind alive. The community is always here, you don't have to give extra time to it, just pop in any time and keep those ideas and that focus going!