My Plan and Online Course Delivery

Last Update: June 20, 2019

I am passionate about God, my family, and writing fiction--in that order. I started out publishing a children's picture book in 2003 and followed that with several children's articles and stories for print and online magazines. I have since published several novels and novellas (mostly romance). I've also taught at writing conferences, schools, and in community settings. I love to write fiction and teach writing and I want to help aspiring writers to reach their writing goals.

I've had my website for more than 10 years. I originally had a static site, then moved to a WordPress blog and saw my traffic increase greatly. I became frustrated with WP and moved back to a static website. As expected, my traffic dropped off.

I am convinced that a blog-style website brings traffic and that traffic can then be exposed to my books. In an ideal world, that exposure will lead to book sales. *crosses fingers*

When I found WA, I decided that I wanted to redesign my website and, once again, use the WP platform to bring, hopefully, new readers to my books as well as help aspiring writers to avoid the many mistakes I've made over the years.

I have an established newsletter service that I plan to use to build up subscribers interested in writing tips and help. (Currently, my newsletter is exclusively for readers of my books, but I'm going to change that). In exchange for email addresses, subscribers will receive a free automated course that will be delivered through the newsletter service.

Besides posting awesome content every week, I will also offer some services such as editing and coaching as well as some courses.

And this is where I'm at a standstill. How do I deliver the courses? There are a couple of platforms like Udemy and Teachable that offer delivery, but both are a bit costly for me at this point.

I'm wondering if anyone here offers a course. If so, how do you deliver it? Although in the beginning it may be possible, I don't want to manually email every module, especially if I, hopefully, have some demand for the course(s).

If you offer a course, it'd be awesome if you shared your delivery platform.


PS If anyone would like to comment on my plan for my blog and help me avoid any pitfalls, I'd very much appreciate it. :)

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firstlearn Premium
As I see it you have the choice of using an autoresponder, or setting up a member site.

With a membersite, they can be drip fed the content on a weekly or monthly basis. You could set up the same with an autoresponder.

Pedrone Premium
I'm interested in reading the answers of other members,
as I never delivered any online course, but if I should do a course
I think that I will set it up to places like Clickbank and give commission for Affiliate that will like to sponsor my product/course true they network etc.

let wait for some answer hey!