Google Plus Safety Breach!

Last Update: October 09, 2018

Here's how to quickly check if you have a Google+ account — and delete it

By Sean Wolfe

Here’s the link. I’d like to know if we all here at WA need to take action on this or not?

This article was written 08 Oct 2018, by Sean Wolfe about 17 hours ago his main points are:

  • Google is shutting down its Google+ social network.
  • A software glitch exposed the private information of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users between 2015 and this March, when the company became aware of the breach, according to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal.
  • Google chose not to disclose this information for fear of regulatory pressure and bad public relations, The Journal reported.
  • Many people probably aren't aware if they even have a Google+ account. Here's how to check.

This is alarming that Google is planning on shutting down google plus and this is one of our main connections to the outside internet system.

Can anyone give us all guidance here and should we all delete our google plus accounts? Julie Bautista

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ExpatMark Premium
The day I can delete my google and facebook accounts will be the happiest day. They both need to be checked and have a little competition. Both have gotten a little too big for their britches.
BeCalm Premium
It's more the Google Plus account that is under question ... it was meant to give Facebook a run for their money but it didn't take off and it seems it will be shut down ... but if WA is asking us all to use that as an easy entre to larger internet exposure ... what happens next?
NWTDennis Premium
The expectation is that Google will come out with something that is even better than Google+. I sure hope so, because I'm not a fan of Fb ... never have been. Just can't stand the platform clutter and a lot of senseless chatter.
ExpatMark Premium
Google should be able to come up with anything better than Fbook. I like much better than facebook. At least there are signs of intelligent life there.
Karin13 Premium
Good grief! Is nothing safe anymore?
KennyGlossop Premium
Very naughty of them to not tell people at the time.
NWTDennis Premium
I think Mark is probably correct ... they've out grown their britches. Maybe this will induce MicroSoft to come out with a social media platform.