Natural disasters happening around the world it opens up much opportunity

Last Update: September 14, 2017

First let me say that my heart goes out to all people in these areas. Those who have lost loved ones, pets, housing, everything!

Any one here in the emergency, preppers, survival niche?

Perhaps running R&R sites for local emergency services in any affected areas?

Huge money to be made in these niches right now.

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Elijah1916 Premium
I reckon so.
AlexEvans Premium
Some folks are struggling coming to terms with the natural disasters that confront them, the randomness of it is that it can affect anyone of us.
There are opportunities to help folks, good reminder Beau.
verazhelvis Premium
Yes, such sites would be of immense help to people.The recent events proved that.
Swangirl Premium
Yes, I started posting on my website after Harvey with information on how people can help the homeless pets. I don't have any affiliate links on the posts, I just wanted to get the information out but I agree with you!