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Last Update: Apr 3, 2017


About a month ago support changed my theme because the one I was using had some issues. All my links showed up looking like (see below). I removed the links and added them again.

They are still showing up with the line across the entire page and not just under the linked word or words. I'm using Twenty sixteen theme.

I really don't want to change theme but will have to do what I have to do if there is no other fix.

**The lines are from Mother Teresa's poem "Anyway''



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Hi there. The lines can be removed, I believe by going into the code. U find the line of text that is directly above the line, in the code, and u will see at the end of the line "

". Actually, u could just do a search for "
". This code stands for "Horizontal Rule" and creates a line across the page. U can delete this piece of code to get rid of the lines.
Like I mentioned above, this might work in your case, I do not know but I hope it helps.


Thanks...I'll look into that and let you know

Hi Carl...I was not able to do as you suggested but I contacted support and they fixed it within an hour.
Thanks for your help.


Great! I am glad u got it sorted out then. :)

I have two sites using 2016 theme, none of them have this issue. Perhaps it is due to some plugin you have on your site?

Thanks..I'll invest that but not even sure what to look..

Hope you find the issue... Please share it with us if you do.


Hi Tom
I could not figure it out...I contacted support and they were able to fix it in less than an hour. One of the reasons we're here, to get help when we need it.
Thanks for asking

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