How Much Are You Getting Done

Last Update: Dec 4, 2017


Are you stretched?

I am so stretched, I feel like a rubber band been pulled in all different directions, the only link in the scenario is me.

I know that I am not the only one but I have to find a way to point one of these stretches in my direction.

I am getting nothing done on my site or WA. My last blog was months ago and things have gone downhill since then. I mean downhill as it pertains to my online business. I have been writing a post for my site that is still sitting in draft for about two months now.

What have I been doing...well, I'm glad you asked.

Lets take wife, mother, housekeeper, chef, personal assistant to my husband and son(special needs), landlord, bookkeeper, tech person (business and home), painter, financial adviser, big sister and I'm sure I forgot a few and the one that has consumed my time for the last few months is editor and chief. Most important to maintain sanity is "lover".

My husband wrote a book(small) non-fiction, that I have been editing, creating graphics for cover, proof reading and going through the process of self-publishing e-book and paperback. I am teaching myself and learning from mistakes...I am not a pro.

I use the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" on a regular basis, it has become my mantra.

How are we all getting things done for your online business if it is not your full time job?

I recently read a blog post from Shane(?)here at WA, he was running on very little sleep and stretched helping everywhere he could for his family. His outlook was very positive and I advised him to remember to take care of himself so he will be able to continue helping those he was helping, but it got me thinking about the rest of us.

How are you doing and how are keeping from stretching so far you don't snap?

Thanks for stopping by...

Push like if you like and let me know how you keep from stretching too far.

p.s. - My husband's book "From Madness to Peace" on Amazon...

From the introduction:

Imagine you’re walking on a quest to find your most important destination, confident in your stride and plan, when you come across a withered man, decrepit and broken, resting in a layby at the side of the trail. You discover that he’s turned back from the pathway ahead, having met with its traps and treachery, and failed miserably in reaching his destination…your destination. The proud would quickly pass him by thinking there’s nothing to learn from such a failure. The wise would rest a while, and listen to his tale so that they could learn how to avoid the trouble ahead.

What will you do? because I’m that broken man.

It's very good! (so not biased) lol...



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Hi Beverley, I too have had to walk away from WA for a few months but now I am back better than ever. You will be able to manage your workload. Irv.

Thank you Irv

thanks for the share and I have snapped twice and so walked away for a month each time but always return and do it better


Thanks Paul...that's good to hear

you are NOT alone

Great advice - self-care is something that many of us seem to neglect because we feel that we're being lazy or self-indulgent.

Thank your message

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