The Difference between a beggar and a person in need of help

Last Update: June 05, 2017

A beggar may already have…………. yet still ask

They may take your change for transport but already have a metro card pass

A beggar will have a meal waiting at home and ask for your support due to lack of hunger

Then say………. they lactose intolerant and the Mickey cheese burger is a blunder

A beggar put out their worst, to get your best

A beggar will choose their worst clothes to be properly dressed

A beggar will claim a story and leave out all its triumphs

A beggar will not listen, they want something from you including silence

A person in need say, “Help me please”

It’s been years, but the system has me on my knees

I been working but the economy will show

That the jobs don’t pay, “I got 1 foot outside the door”

I went to school, and worked several jobs

That did not stop me from being robbed

I have something for you too

I will babysit, cook a meal or bit…. if you could help me too!

Written by B.B.

(I live in NYC)

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wendyg53 Premium
It is a sad state of affairs, but in NYC - I"m in Manhattan - many people beg as their full time job. I try to discern who really needs help, and who is really desperate. I gave $20 to some poor soul the other day. He was crying on a street corner in the Village because someone had kicked over his cup and taken his money. I rarely give that much - but he was a mess. Did he use the money for food? I sure hope so. But if he used it for alcohol or drugs...I leave that up to the universe. It's not my place to judge, but I am aware of the realities in the big, bad city.
MKearns Premium
It's a matter of judging their intent Beatrice. Sometimes hard to do!
BBradshaw Premium
I live in NYC and had the ability and continue to have the ability and opportunity to meet various people, while I am not always correct, the blog was sent as a message for people that claim victim instead of victory. :)
BBradshaw Premium
Mr. Kearns, I know several panhandlers and they have apartments, food, clothes etc.....
MKearns Premium
I'm sure you met several if you ride the subway trains Beatrice!
srod5189 Premium
Very nice! Yea, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. I'll try to help out when I see someone with a sign asking for money, but I'll still wonder. hmmmm?
BBradshaw Premium
Very true :)