Are You ready For what You Want?

Last Update: May 24, 2017

Are you ready for what you want?

My Grandmother greatest voice was “Let living dogs lie”. I believe that it’s too easy! I am honest so I will share that when she died several years ago I knew before I went to work, she had passed. Many people before our time believed that burying the truth was protecting people. We did not realize that we as a people was taught that so that we would lose ourselves. When I asked questions…………She used to ask……. Why you need to know that? Why is it important? What does it matter? But as my daughter grow, I realize that understanding of oneself, is what guide you to understand others. The reality is that we cannot control others, at times we are struggling to control ourselves, whether it is business, personal or making the perfect pancake (Lol).


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superman42 Premium
I love this Beatrice.... Thank you for sharing... I agree with you.
BBradshaw Premium
Thanks so much....I appreciate you
Capu1 Premium
Hi Beatrice
You are right, We must understand ourselves before we can respect and understand others.
Thank you for sharing
BBradshaw Premium
Thank you so much, I will follow you.