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A beggar may already have…………. yet still askThey may take your change for transport but already have a metro card passA beggar will have a meal waiting at home and ask for your support due to lack of hungerThen say………. they lactose intolerant and the Mickey cheese burger is a blunderA beggar put out their worst, to get your bestA beggar will choose their worst clothes to be properly dressedA beggar will claim a story and leave out all its triumph
When the light looks dim from the outside looking inWhen the outside tells you, LIFE is dull and grimWhen the Outside say “You Cannot do this”When the outside say “You are meaningless”When the Outside say “You cannot win”There is always the truth withinWithin says “Yes I can”Within says “There is chance”Within says “You are not alone”Within says “You are loved in a sober tone”Within says “ One day at a tim
Are you ready for what you want?My Grandmother greatest voice was “Let living dogs lie”. I believe that it’s too easy! I am honest so I will share that when she died several years ago I knew before I went to work, she had passed. Many people before our time believed that burying the truth was protecting people. We did not realize that we as a people was taught that so that we would lose ourselves. When I asked questions…………She used to ask…&he
Well, well, wellWho would have thought I would be here? Thinking about having more control of my income then I have in the past? Not me. I went to school, received a degree and begin working in the Human Service field (Case management level).Very rewarding in some ways, but not in others (wink, wink). I began my journey thinking about how the world and its people need me to be there. I served many different in- need populations, staff and Non-for profit CEO’s included, lol. I do not regre