Thinking Like a Boss in its Infancy

Last Update: May 17, 2017

Well, well, well

Who would have thought I would be here? Thinking about having more control of my income then I have in the past? Not me. I went to school, received a degree and begin working in the Human Service field (Case management level).Very rewarding in some ways, but not in others (wink, wink). I began my journey thinking about how the world and its people need me to be there. I served many different in- need populations, staff and Non-for profit CEO’s included, lol. I do not regret one minute. I met some very good people along the way. The problem was only that I felt stuck. I needed to grow where I felt I was no longer growing. I felt I was not helping a lot of people. I felt I was only learning what I needed to learn for the job role (Not the big picture). After recapping the previous years, I realized I had a greater purpose. Only, I did not know that there were other ways I could help people. Research, research, research.

Through research, I found that there are many ways to help others. I am now excited and relieved. Now I am thinking like a Boss in its infancy because I have a lot to learn but I am learning. I understand you cannot stay in your comfort zone and expect real change in your life. For example, I changed how I thought, began networking with others that want good in their lives and finally…… know my contributions could be bigger and on a greater level than I could imagine.

I am thinking like a Boss, not because I am not willing to take direction or guidance from others. In fact, that is why I am thinking like a boss. People in my newfound networks have allowed me to know that if they could do it, so could I. Hard work and dedication is key. I am not where I want to be, but I am positive I will not be where I am at today in 2018.

Beatrice Bradshaw

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Thanks for this great post Beatrice.
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Thanks so much
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This is great Beatrice!
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Thanks for your support.