Last Update: Jan 29, 2016


I have been baffled by some of my fellow WAers for a while....Many have User Names, and most times, they do not include their "real or nickname" in their profiles, comments and messages, etc. What's the reason for that?

Have we, as a business community, become so very impersonal? Does anyone who attend any social networking functions, introduce themselves, by their "User Name"?

Isn't this a lack of business etiquette?


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I've noticed that also - I think a lot of people have been stung by scams in the past and are a bit wary of being personal. BTW - your profile doesn't give your name, just your user name (BBR913). I saw your name on a comment below your profile......

I do not have my name on my profile page... but I do leave my name when I respond to comments and messages.

Where is yours? :)

Hehheee..... Bernie

You too? Bernie

When I signed up I didn't think about it one way or another. I just used playful heart because I used it elsewhere and it's easy for me to remember. I put my name in my profile if people want to see it and use it, but a lot of people have responded positively to playfulheart, so I wouldn't wan to change it.

It is understandable, some of us want to have our privacy. It is just a personal choice. For me, I use the MisterWailor as my nickname.
It shows that you are an easy going and open minded person.

If it's just the first name used… what's the harm?

They don't even want anyone to know their first name, just like a lot of women don't want anyone to know their age. It is just a number...what's the harm?

I can't understand too, that some longtime members didn't write their first name into their profile.

That's one of the reasons I wrote this blog.... Dirk, if you liked my question or blog, please like it and I reciprocate... Bernie

Hi Bernie, I think some people are scared initially of putting themselves out there. They are not sure what to expect and don't want to release too much information too soon.

So they use just their usernames. I think in time they will update their profiles once they are more comfortable with the community. Others build their web presence around their username.

I have just learned to visit their profile and scroll all the way to the bottom. If you can find the initial welcome from Kyle or Carson they will have the first name of the individual in their message.

Hi Ron, I am aware of locating their first name of the individuals... but as a business community, don't you think it's a bit much time consuming having to locate the names from the owners' welcoming message? Especially when most of us are so time conscious?
Thank you though, for the response! I am just baffled! Bernie

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