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January 29, 2016
I have been baffled by some of my fellow WAers for a while....Many have User Names, and most times, they do not include their "real or nickname" in their profiles, comments and messages, etc. What's the reason for that?Have we, as a business community, become so very impersonal? Does anyone who attend any social networking functions, introduce themselves, by their "User Name"?Isn't this a lack of business etiquette?Bernie
January 11, 2016
When I find myself totally overwhelmed and at times, frazzled with tasks, studies, obligations, etc.... It's time to compartmentalize! It's easier said than done, but I must do it in order to reach either my short and long term goals. Since my original plan was to set aside 6 hours/day for the business, this is what I have to do:One hour responding to comments, follows, reading relevant posts from members of my network, adding "new follows", etc.Three hours for training, studying, reviewing (go