The Power Of Now

Last Update: April 16, 2019

Just some thoughts on the journey called life.

How often we have big dreams of the future and how often we regret the past.

How often we make plans that never work out the way we imagined

How often we belive that fulfilment lies in the future

How often we meet our destiny on the path we go on to try and avoid it

How often we can not accept ourselves, unless we are perfect

How often we focus on the big goals but not on the thing we need to do right now

How often our fears are just imagined

How often we forget that everyone is fighting some kind of battle

How often we are not greatful for what we have but always focused on what we want

How often we think we know better than life

How rarely we live in this very moment

How rarley we stop and just look at the beauty that surronds us

For to live succesfully is to realize that

Life is in every breath

Life is in every cup of tea

Life is now, it always has been and always will be

WIshing you all every success


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gohealthy Premium
Let's do our best today!

Yesterday has gone, Tomorrow might not come.

Good day Barry.
Nauna Premium
Thank you Barry, this is beautiful! :)
accad Premium
The now will be the history and condition of tomorrow
Freedomseekr Premium
Excellent points, Barry! This post is a great reminder to us all to enjoy life more...take the time to live in the now, not waste it away with worry about the past or tomorrow. Nothing can be done to change the past, and tomorrow becomes another today to either enjoy it for what it is or worry and fret about things that may never be.

Good to see you again here, btw.
Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
TheCatherine Premium Plus
The beauty of living in the now is the fact that there is no fear for most if the time. Nothing fearful is happening. We are usually worrying about the future or past.