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Today marks the aniversary of my last alcoholic drink which was 18 years ago today I have had to rebuild my life from the ground up, and am still dealing with the consequnces of years of systimatic, emotional and mental abuse I have made many mistakes as we all do, but I have always got three things rught I have not taken the first drink I have never run away from my pain I have put the 12 step progtram into practic every day I have no words to describe the pain I have felt from years of abuse
I have lost hearing in my right ear and am partially deaf in the left, the stress of PTSD has caused blood vessels in my inner ears to become swollen,I can not stand up straight as my ears are not working correctly and my balance has gone due to vertigo I get screaming in my left ear in the quiet hours every night I wake up shouting and screaming in the early hours of the morning as I fight my past abusers in my dreams I feel in an almost constant state of anxiety and stress I am exhausted and
This is what it look like to recover from years of systimatic mental and emotional abuse I have lost almost all my hearing as I have swollen nerves and blood vesels in my ears due to the stress of recovering from PTSD I also have screaming ringing sound in my left ear I have anxiety running throughout my body and its hard to breath Today this is what it like to be me Barry
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February 24, 2022
Hello WA Family I just need to vent this as I am struggling with severe anxiety and I really want to build my new website and have been trying to create content but my anxeity has got the better of me I can't concentraite on anything and I have ringing in my ear. I feel awful and I am fustrated as I want to get on with building my online business but its all on hold at the moment as I feel so unwellI am angry at those who caused this through years of systimatic emotional and mental abuse I am p
February 01, 2022
Hello WA Family, this is just a quick update as I got my results through today, about my cancer diagnosis I have been given the all clear and there is no cancer in my bone marow or blood, I have to have some more tests to keep an eye on my white bllod cells but I have been given the all clear from cancerIn case you dont konw I have been tested for melenomia which is cancer of the bones and bloodIts been difficult few months but am very relieved Thabks you for all your words of support With love
January 22, 2022
I keep getting page can not be reached is anyone else getting this when I try to login to WA
Hello to you all, I thought I would just post something today about what I have learned from my 17 and a half years of recovery from alcoholism and abuse I have spent the last 18 years dealing with being in recovery. Many unexpected things have happened to me, during this time.When I got to 17 months sober I had a complete nervous breakdown and began to realize that although I was sober there were now many more struggles ahead of me I have had to deal with depression, extreme anxiety, and 2 typ
Hello to you all I thought I would just give you an update on my health I am having tests for myelonomia which is a blood cancer and I got some results today I was told that my white Blood cells count is actually improving, so I am very relived I am not out of the woods just yet as there are some more blood tests to go and also I am having a bone marrow test on 6th Jan But so far its good news, I have had to wait awhile for these tests and it's not easy to go though this, but I have remained p
Hello to you all I hope you are all having a very merry Xmas and I wish you all a happy and successful new year As some of you may know I have been battling PTSD for a long time I am glad to say after working really hard with my AA sponsor I am through the worst and II am starting to feel better emotionally at least.Its been a long and hard struggle but I seem to have got there in the end I have lost count how many times suicidal feelings have been my constant compainionAlso as some of you may