Need Quora Upvotes? the give and take upvote thread

Last Update: November 14, 2018

Getting upvotes is important to have your quora answers get the top answer spot which gets the most views on an answer.

Since we have a give and take thread for website comments, i figured why not start one for upvotes on Quora.

I just started doing quora about a week ago and i'm getting some hits to my blog with only doing a couple of answers a day.

Also, to take part in this thread and to keep the community aspect of it thriving, for every quora answer that you post here requesting upvotes (the link to your actual answer), make sure that you

So here are the steps:

Step 1: Upvote on at least 3 answers

Step 2: Post a link to your answer that you need upvotes on at the very top of this discussion (as a new comment)

Make sure you do not skip step one. It is important and it will lead you to getting more upvotes on your answers. :)

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