Thirteen Hours Without Internet Service

Last Update: February 27, 2019

My internet has been down for over thirteen hours when it finally came back on to stay. Would get a text massage from provider that they knew about outage in my area. Then a little while later would get message service was restored only to have it go out again before I could even get computer turn on and running.

I am hoping it stays on this time long enough for me to at least get all my emails answered. Going to have to do a double shift of working on my website and adding posts tomorrow.


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accad Premium
It's good it has been back.
JM80525 Premium
Hi Barry!

My sympathies for your internet access issues. I know I'd lose my ever-lovin' mind if that happened to me!

Whenever I hear war stories like this, I'm reminded of how dependent we have become, as a society, on technology.

Oh well, as they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Here's to hoping you stay connected!

Be well. Be wealthy.
marmar463 Premium
I am terribly sorry that your internet went down and then in and out. Do the best you can get done what you can work at your own pace.

When something happens to my service I get very frustrated and can't do anything without the service so I know what you are going through.

I hope that it stays on for you.
jillxyz Premium
Hi Barry, Did you try putting your phone on hotspot? I do it a lot. Cheers AJ
Barney44 Premium
Yes but the internet kept popping back on the go off. Went and did grocery shopping ( spent to much as usual).
NateThomas7 Premium
You are far stronger than I...the first on and off again would have led me to lose it. I like to think I could go 13 hours without internet...but I know I couldn't make it.

Hope it stays on and you get done what you have planned