Six Months And Slowly Progressing

Last Update: December 14, 2018

Six Month Report

It has now been six months since I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate program. I have got articles posted on my website, but since my niche is based on a topic that discussion on the WA Blog is not allowed have not posted any of them (Will I did post a couple before was informed NICELY about the rule).

One of the great things that attracted me to WA is the fact that there is an open communication line amongst members. At the beginning of this journey into becoming a blogger hope to share my articles before releasing to my website for comments from members. So am taking a little different route. You should in the next few days start seeing my articles posted on the Give and Take Feedback page ( ) and the site feedback page ( Hope you will take the time to read and give me feed back.

It has been a slow journey as my niche requires lots of research and study especially since I am by no means an expert.

Barry alias “Barney44”


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qrwizard Premium
Thanks for the follow, Barry!
When you want to deliver your message despite all the rules, it gets through...
'The candle is a symbol of light in the darkness of life, especially the individual life. It symbolizes holy illumination of the spirit of truth. The components have great meaning: wax symbolizes pure flesh, the wick represents the soul, the light is a symbol of love and divinity, the flame symbolizes godhead, fire represents obedience and heat from the flame symbolizes humility...'
Am I right?

Barney44 Premium
Thanks qrwiarad (Richard)

Appreciate your comments. You are absolutely right.

Best wishes for Merry Christmas and success on your WA journey.

qrwizard Premium
The same to you, my friend!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Barry, you appear to be doing okay in terms of blogging. Keep it up.
Barney44 Premium
Thank you