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Last Update: May 10, 2016

Hello Folks,

Recently Walmart pharmacies reset all their medication discount cards and I went through several before finally trying the FREE Goodrx card.

One of my prescriptions without insurance or a discount card is over $70 at my local Walmart Pharmacy. The FREE Goodrx discount brought the cost down to $7. The other cards were next to useless, most didn't work at all.

I'm not sure how it works at other pharmacies, but I do know at Walmart in Texas, this card is a life saver. You can google it or check it out a many websites. They will send you a card in the mail, but you can download one to use right away.

Again, I just wanted to share this blessing with this community in case some of you are in need of a little financial help on medications. Goodrx does have an affiliate program, but I can't find that it pays anything... Anyway I hope this helps someone. God bless.

I haven't put this on my website yet, so it's not Spam. I just thought it might be helpful to those of you without insurance or with a high prescription premium. It really saves us a lot of money.

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MPollock Premium
Sgreen2016 Premium
Wow, good info thanks for sharing ~Sherry
MNorton Premium
Hi Barbara,
Thanks for the information. I have a sister and a couple of friends that could use this card. I will pass on the information to them. Have a good evening.
DarleneB Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing. That was really nice of you.
halinphilly Premium
Thanks for the great tip. and even if their affilliate program doesn't pay, it would pay of in good karma. I will check into it. Might be something worthwhile for my baby boomer site.
BarbaraJP Premium
That's my thinking. I'll write up a testimony and add it to my websites!
PSchrimscher Premium
I believe this is the one that covers everyone in your household. Doesn't matter if you are related or not.
BarbaraJP Premium
It does