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Last Update: October 08, 2019

Great Product ...

I found a great product that has some weird and unexpected numbers in Jaaxy.

The actual product name has very few searches - surprising as it is a fantastic product that fits very nicely into my niche, the sort of product everyone in this niche should invest in.
It is sold in over 90 countries and has two distinct markets - each as popular and essential as each other.

The product is available through (only - not UK). There are zero client reviews on Amazon - again this is very surprising.

What does one do if you want to promote a fairly high-end product but the numbers don't look so great?

Reach Out To The Vendor

I contacted the vendor after viewing their very very impressive site and asked them the "Wassup?" question.

The vendor was most obliging providing me with a lot more information than I expected - but why not if I am trying to promote the product?

Even allowing me to use any of the amazing images that can be found on the site.

A 50% Higher Commission Rate - with no affiliate program ...

I asked them if they had an affiliate program and they said they didn't.

OK so it was going to have to be Amazon where I woud be getting about US$17.00 per sale. But it may have been a hard sell with no reviews (I assume buyers are like me and check reviews before squeezing the trigger?)

I was then offered US$25.00 per sale for each sale I made directly from the vendor's site.

Well that is great but how do I track it and how do I know if I have made any sales?

A Coupon Code

The vendor then came up with a coupon code I could offer my readers as a way of them (the vendor) knowing a sale was introduced by me.

The idea is the reader uses a coupon code entitling them to US$25.00 off the purchase of the product and that will earmark it as my sale. I then in turn also get US$25.00 as an introduction.

All in all that is a big chunk of change the vendor is giving up - more than 10% of the cost of the product.

Going on Trust

Of course I still have no way of tracking actual sales and will have to go completely on trust here but am happy to do that because:

  • The vendor sounds very genuine and all reviews on their site are 100% positive - reflecting a great product and a great back-up team.
  • What have I got to lose? If I have to I can always switch the link to Amazon and get paid less.
  • I wrote a post in excess of 4000 words around the use of the product with a keyword that does get a fair amount of searches - we'll see what happens. If nothing at least my site has a long informative "how to" kind of post with a "highly recommended' (almost review) ending.

No Moral to The Story

I probably have few myself - morals that is ...

The point is when you are a bit stuck and don't understand the numbers - don't give up on what could be a lucrative product. Others may have given up before you and so reduced your competition.

Find a way to make it work and often the best way is to reach out to the vendor.

I did a similar thing last year and was sent a product valued at over US$ 300.00 for free so that I could do a proper review of it.

You won't know unless you try ...

PS The footnote to all of this is that the post I wrote has now led me to more ideas - this happens all the time.
PPS the next post will not be in excess of 4000 words - that was a marathon!

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HeidiAnders3 Premium
What terrific advice! Way to be proactive! You just never know if you don't ask! Keep up the good work! You're going places! Blessings!
jlclayton1 Premium
Going to the vendor is great advice, I hope this works out very profitably for you!
megawinner Premium
Best business practices actually are based on trust and confidence and an effective operating standard to do business. In this case, while company started the coupon system to allow the effect of earnings and give you that info, they should make, asap, an affiliate marketing system to work for both the affiliate marketer and their sales. It is a win-win strategy. We should continually improve. I like the paradigm, go forward, march on, be the trailblazer. Thanks
CMKetay Premium
You'll have to keep us updated on the 'experiment'. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. But nothing ventured, nothing gained! Good luck!

Joes946 Premium
Sometimes you have to go with what works for you. I wish you well on your venture.