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Last Update: May 22, 2017


I want to set an image for each of my blog posts. My site is focused on baking and I want to set a feature image for each post showing an image of what the post will be about. i know how to set a feature image, but it comes out HUGE. I have tried to resize the image, but it still comes out super large. I know that themes come into play with this, but I do like my theme and want to keep it if possible. What I would like is to have a set image with the title of my post that my viewers can click on to see the rest of the image. Can anyone help me with this? I would love for it to just be several images in a row with the title. Here is a link to my page: (see how I would want to add a feature image with this?).

Here is a link to a blog that I like tho visit myself and would like to emulate my site after:

If you know how to do this, please let me know! Thank you!!

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that would need custom code.
You could pay someone on fiverr to do that for you.
Without knowing coding yourself, you could completely destroy your website.

The site you have linked to seems to use a lot of custom code as well. At least I couldn't find out what theme they are using. It is WordPress, though.
It states that a company created it for them.

So my suggestions are:
Either look for another theme or pay someone on fiverr to do that for you.


Thank you for your help! I thought that's what the answer was but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

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