It's Good To Be Back

Last Update: May 1, 2017


Man is it good to be back! For the last few weeks, I had to put my website and WA on the back burner of my daily activities. I've been studying for my oncology certification in nursing exam for the last year and finally took the test on Saturday. Happy to report that I passed the test! Woohooo!

Now I get to focus back on my website and getting through the rest of my courses on WA. And I couldn't be more excited!!

It's crazy how easily this community and website building and blogging can become so addictive! It's been such a huge part of my life and I could hardly stand not going on to check in! But happy to report that I am back and can't wait to get going again. :)

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Congrats Bailey,
It always feels so good in accomplishments and welcome back, We have been here about the same amount of time give or take a few days that you took off to study and write your exam. It looks like you will be very busy getting caught up. wish you all the best.
Always a better way,
sending blessings your way

Sounds like a very difficult exam.
Great for you.

Welcome back! And, Congratulations !!! Woohooo!

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