yay I've earned level 4 badge, moving to the last station level 5

Last Update: April 15, 2019

Hello WAers and How are doing here? I hope that everyone doing great here just a quick update and my progress here so far.

Level 4 of the training, done :)

It has been quite long for me to complete this level because I was really busy working as system admin in a small company, and I have a limit of time to spend it here to follow the training and finish as much as I can.

So, yeh level 4 of the training accomplished now moving onward to the last station and I really hope to finish them by this month.

Badge of Level 4 earned.

I was feeling so excited to earn this badge and become an ambassador for the next few months. I think among those training levels this one was the hardest one for me due to the incorporation with social media.

I mean I not the social media lover like Facebook and others but in order for your business to grow you have to sink deep into social media, so I hope I will get some traffics from some of those social media followers

Wealthy Affiliate 2020 challenge

About a week ago I got a private message that I have been accepted to the challenge, I was so excited but at the same time, I was stressed due to some tasks that would be a bit tough for me.
However, I will try my best and work as hard as I can to accomplish my goal I know it requires hard work, consistency, and most importantly patience.
By the way, I have a question, should I proceed with my training to level 5 or should I jump to the challenge tasks?



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ExpatMark Premium
Congrats on completing Level 4 of the training. I think that was the hardest one for me. Onward and upward my friend.

Make a living, make a difference.

Azizmj Premium
Thanks Mark I felt much better now already passed the hardest part
JaneMahlehle Premium
Keep climbing up up up! Congratulations!
Azizmj Premium
Thanks all the best to you too
JaneMahlehle Premium
You are welcome
lightnshadow Premium
Congratulations. Hard work paid off. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks for the kind words!