Facebook & Online Marketing: My Bottom Line!

Last Update: November 07, 2017

So, I spent the last couple of days on Facebook.

I was trying some strategies on how to market content and affiliate offers around groups and all. However all I got was very few leads, let us not talk about conversion!

I did some thinking about why the results were that way, and i figured out the following:

  • Sharing posts on Facebook for exposure is a waste of time. Actually, you can conclude that just by taking a tour around marketing groups and seeing if any other publisher is getting any interaction on his offers. You'll see that there is a great lack of interaction and an overwhelming amount of spam.
  • Facebook is good for building a network of contacts. Indeed, creating a network of business friends on Fb is something of a great value. There some good groups for doing just that. People sharing experiences, help and maybe professional expertise on the business level.
  • The wisest way to use Facebook for marketing purposes is by using Fb ads. There are called dark posts as well, and one of the greatest ways to efficient marketing as there filters can make your simple ad a great leads generating machine. And if you did a good job setting the filters, a great conversion will also be a result of your hard work on your advertising strategy.

To get exposure on Facebook without using ads one has to make plans for long-term marketing strategies that might not work.

Presence on Facebook is something that you need to be investing time to get. It can be built, but it needs consistency, patience, and discipline.

Hope this little post has been helpful to you guys.

Feel free to share your opinions or if there is something I maybe missed, tell it to me bellow, and I'll be more than glad to discuss :))


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Ivine Premium
Hi Ayoub, I have only limited experience of advertising on Facebook. My effort lead to no leads. Irv.
AyoubT Premium
Are you struggling with your FB ads strategy or what?
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! AyoubT, Thank for sharing your FB experience, which is nothing unusual at all. In fact, we need to accept that people will not enact on what we like them to do because: 1. the intensity of need (what is good for me) is not high enough; 2. political correctness with non-helpful sweet talk and sympathy abounds generating too many distractions; 3. time and persistence to infuse what is good for them are what marketers need to do because marketers change them in time.

Well, this is reality attesting: Life is a constantly changing, adjusting dynamic process of struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living for survival, growth, and continuation. More? Welcome to www.ebettercare.com from my WP inside WA.

Best to your health and success,

AyoubT Premium
You're absolutely right, my friend!

As you stated, there is a lot of political correctness and sweet talk out there but with no real value.
In fact, that's what separates legit marketers from spammers and scammers. We lead our businesses in an ethical way and we share content and programs that bring real value to people.

Thank you for responding to my post, and btw, your website looks good, just keep on doing what you're doing :))

bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
AyoubT Premium
You're welcome my friend :)