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Last Update: Apr 28, 2018

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The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptanceBrian Tracy

I am impressed with the founding principles behind the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The pay forward backdrop is one in a million approaches of sharing our unconditional love to others here and accepting every great effort each one of us is doing towards realizing their personal goals.

This is such a great and supportive community where everyone is in business for themselves but not alone. Everyone is ready to help you succeed whether they have any direct benefits from your success monetary wise. Have you ever thought of that? Thus, incredible and Let's not lose sight of that.

My message today, is this; try to return every good favor done to you by equally helping other people on this platform. Either commenting money goals, answering questions, site comments, e.t.c. Let’s all partake in the unconditional love this platform has been build upon.

The fulfillment gained from sharing our time with others is priceless. I do value that and will urge you to continue the great work that you are doing. If you haven’t started, consider sparing a moment a day to just do a random act of kindness.

Wishing you all success in your endeavors, Let's continue sharing the gift of unconditional love.

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Amen to that!!


Great post, what a beautiful picture you have painted. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the encouraging comments

Well said!


Thanks for taking time to read, much appreciated.

What a beautiful sentiment to share! Imagine if everyone in the whole world read this! WOW! Working with others within our community here is contagious and very beneficial to all involved! Sharing unconditional love is priceless and means at WA that no matter what, we will help each other---unconditionally. What wonderful words of heart, integrity and wisdom! Thanks for writing this post!

Beautiful illustration, too!

Thank you for stopping by, I am highly honoured to hear such beautiful comments from you Erin. You are such an inspiration, continue the good work.

My pleasure! I always look for the most inspirational posts, and yours stood out right on top! Thank you. :)!

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