My Site On First Page of Google !

Last Update: January 13, 2018

This is something like disseminating the good news to my fellow WAyers who have just started their online journey on WA platform. We have not made any mistakes when we joined because WA offers the best training that will propel all of us to succeed.

By and large, it is an authority and the training really pays and it rules!!!

I am just in the middle of the training but I already reaped some fruits of my labor. By the way, I can tell you I am moving slowly because I feel I still have the luxury of time, having re-started last November of 2017. I followed the training to the letters and no skipping of anything.

On the training part of reading Kyle's principle of " Low Hanging Fruits" in choosing the right keywords and I followed what were instructed there, thinking of the best keywords, get results from Jaaxy, choose the five keywords that have low amount of traffic. Choose the best one among them and started writing.

Following Kyle's advice to use photographs that would explain more about the subject and to connect fully to the readers. I also lessened the words' volume of my paragraph like what he said. Something like drinking light beer which would make you feel full with less consumption.

When I made comparisons between my previous articles to the last one, I saw the first two articles. though indexed by Google a couple of days after I published them, were wordy and had less photographs. Although, they could convey the message to the readers, it took time to the readers to visualize and comprehend the contents.

My last article, unlike the other two, was comparatively short but had enough amount of substance and assured the connection of the readers to the subject matter and the complete visualization in no time at all.

It is interesting to note that with the use of Jaaxy in searching the best keywords, we are really guided and will come up with the best keywords to use in our article writing. I had some experience in the past with the other keyword brands not to mention the names, they are only at the backseat!!! Jaaxy is in the front and it really rocks!!!

Making the long story short, I finished writing and did some editing, chose enough images to give more expressions on the subject. Seeing enough was enough, I pressed the "Publish" green button. Boom!!!, my article was ready for readers' consumption.

Somewhat I felt adamant afterwards, I asked myself if the last article could be seen again by Google and get indexed simply because, I changed a lot in writing process just to follow what was in Kyle's training. I felt uneasy and had a hard time to get asleep. I was worried actually and doubtful about the fate of my last article on Google.

Getting asleep late, I woke up late, too, the next morning. I did some chores and avoided touching my laptop, it looked like I was afraid to log on and to see what happened to my article I published the day before.

Around 2:00pm yesterday, I decided to open my laptop and browsed over the internet, then googled my site's link, I could not really believe with what I saw on the Google first page, my site was sitting there on the no.1 and 2 list, jumping over the previous nine pages to land on the first page and from an obscure position. My site was only eight days old yesterday and my articles were only written five and three days ago.

There goes to show we get the best training available which the other platforms cannot offer. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliates, you are second to none. We are lucky to be in your community!!!

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MKearns Premium
This is a great first step Renato. Keep it up!
Astro67 Premium
Thank you so much MKearns, I will see you around.
JeannineC Premium
That's really great news! I'm very happy for you.

I've seen a lot of keyword tools over the years, and I must say that to me Jaaxy is the best by far because it was truly created for affiliate purposes exclusively rather than trying to serve many needs.
Astro67 Premium
Thank you so much Barry!!!
BarryBullard Premium
awesome. glad to see your hard work paying off.