2 - Inane Ramblings of the Recently Awake

Last Update: July 09, 2017

So, how are you?

No, really. Think about it for a second. We know ourselves pretty well, right?

Here's a scenario:

Your going through your day doing what you do with your random thoughts and stray ideas, and it dawns on you that your life may not be everything you want,

BUT (a big but here)

You are content. Contento!

So, you say to yourself, "Self,"

"I think I have just needed to get busy working on my passion. I mean, I wake up in the morning, and it's right there in my face - all this work - but I don't mind. In fact, I sort of like it. I actually like it less when I don't have as much time to do it. Isn't that strange?"

Then, you stop talking to yourself because you realize it has been a minute.

So much of life centers on what we "do" because what we do sort of defines who we "are." At least that makes sense to me.

But what we do should match up with who we are intrinsically, right, because we exist as human beings with feelings and aspirations, gifts and talents before we ever put our hands to any plow or keyboard.

It's just really great to wake up to passion, no matter how much work it takes.

Done rambling.


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5-qpq Premium
This is my kind of post. Thanks!

nelsonrosa77 Premium
We are spirits and we have a soul and we live in a body. You can't see a spirit but what we do is an expression of ourselves. What we feel, do and receive are fruits of the thoughts that we proclaim with faith, passion and expectation.
God bless you brother.
asoltys58 Premium
That's awesome man. Bless the Lord!
Ivine Premium
Hi, an enjoyable read. Irv.
markr0675 Premium
Youre right. What we do should support who we are.
pablocortina Premium
Enjoy your productive day