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So, I made a new page on my site. It's called "Start a Real Amazon Business." It is an invitation of sorts, a way to funnel prospective partners. I started a messenger group and have several people who are expressing interest to the point of actually working on the thing. I'm grateful to have come to the place in my life where I have decided to do something. That means everything. When you decide on ONE thing, everything else is told to shove. And then your actions can create opportuniti
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So, how are you?No, really. Think about it for a second. We know ourselves pretty well, right?Here's a scenario:Your going through your day doing what you do with your random thoughts and stray ideas, and it dawns on you that your life may not be everything you want,BUT (a big but here)You are content. Contento!So, you say to yourself, "Self,""I think I have just needed to get busy working on my passion. I mean, I wake up in the morning, and it's right there in my face - all this work - but
Well, in the interest of not really having anything to say, I illustrate for you that the mind still works regardless of our personal sense of capacity and/or ingenuity. Today is the day where you rise up from the ashes of despair and write something wonderful for the world. A love letter from your knowledge or hard won research (turned knowledge), a power-packed how-to article with pictures and explanations, an opinion piece otherwise known as a review chock full of your favorite links. I do
I can't promise that this will happen very often, but I have no use for these keywords at the moment and thought I might pass it along. Keyword: Searches Traffic QSRCreate a video game 3217 547 149How to create a video game 2947 501 49If you know anyone who can use this, they may have already done so. If not, I hope someone can benefit. Have a great day!Alan
May 18, 2017
I always find it refreshing in my dealings with people when they treat me nicely. Who doesn't, right? In order for any exchange to take place, nice or otherwise, there has to be a connection. Generally, people will be nice when the connection is superficial in nature. It's when the connection goes deeper, for whatever reason, that we get glimpses of true color from people. Affiliate marketing, as I am beginning to understand it, has some hopeful outcomes. We hope to have relationships wit
I am blown away at the work that is required to get to where I want to be. There is great satisfaction in every step though. I am finally finishing up day 8 of the Affiliate Bootcamp, and I must say, I have learned quite a bit to this point.It literally has taken me 5 days to do one step, though. Life is busy. I work a full-time job like most when they start out. I have interruptions and people that need my time.Then setbacks like a gas shutoff notice this week prove difficult obstacles.
I am offering a joint venture. Let me know what you think.I won't go into any detail here about what I want from you, but I can tell you a little of the service I plan to provide. You will get a review of your website and a connection to an audience and a connection between our sites. I have over 3000 friends on Facebook as well in which I plan to release your information to, and I am a member of several groups that are over 10,000 members strong. I want to know you a little before I decide t
So, I just blogged on my site! I wanted to use my experience with Yoast SEO to give an example of the kinds of things the Yoast SEO plugin helps bloggers with. I normally attach images here, but I see that I can insert. The Yoast SEO analysis for my blog post has helped me to be a better writer. I actually love it. Now, this SEO isn't for a researched long tail keyword spectacle. It is my project pitch in two minutes. The keyword is "project pitch." Here's the image for my Yoast SEO plug
I was just meeting with a friend of mine from Cameroon. He has an acute mind and puts his intelligence into action using direct sales on the internet and other revenue streams that he has discovered over the years. He is a mentor for me. I don't want to just do affiliate marketing. It would be great to have a 99% seller rating on ebay and be selling products everyday. This is a process he is teaching me. It seems simple, but it's just like anything else, it takes practice to perfect it.
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Today was my first day to promote my site on social media. I trust my facebook friends, over 3000 as of today. That may change when they see what I have created. Some people don't want anything to do with a fanatic.I posted:Here's the link to an opportunity to take a praise break:, the reason I am posting this here is to see if anyone has experience with creating a community and might be able to weigh in on my mista