The Community is Awesome!

Last Update: August 12, 2017

When I signed up for WA, I was more interested in the learning aspect than the socialization aspect. I'll admit that I did not fully understand the importance of the community. It has really boosted my website. You guys basically got me indexed! :D

I also really enjoy looking at everyone's websites. Seeing websites from more experienced people has really opened my eyes to some of the things that you can do. It has been a learning experience in and of itself.

Right now, writing is a challenge for me. I don't really like my style. All week, I have been exhausted from starting work again (work is great, but I have to get up sooo early). It really shows through in the way that I have been writing my posts. Everything is a little more stilted and formal.

This morning, I watched some old videos from my favorite youtubers, for nostalgic purposes, and was inspired by how far their content had come. Many of them started out very stiff, but got much better after a few years and drastically better after that.

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mybiz4u Premium
Yes, this is a great community and a cornucopia of useful, up-to-date information.
Much success.
abdul11 Premium
good post
RHBarlow Premium
Doesn't get any better.
asmithxu Premium
Thanks, MKearns!
MKearns Premium
Indeed it is Ayana. Enjoy it here!