Positive Feelings

Last Update: December 14, 2015

The Daily Motivator message for
Monday, December 14, 2015

Positive feelings

by Ralph Marston

The way you felt up until this minute is no longer relevant. What matters now is not how you used to feel, but how you choose to feel.

If you’ve felt weary or listless, discouraged or distracted, that’s all over. You’ve just arrived at the opportunity to feel energetic and enthusiastic, purposeful and focused.

There’s never any reason to complain about how bad you feel. Because you can always choose how good to feel.

Pick a feeling that will serve you well, and then fill yourself with that feeling. Positive feelings are just as accessible and realistic as negative ones, plus they’re a whole lot more fun and productive.

Feel empowered, feel creative, feel motivated and eager to take action. Instead of letting any outside factor get you down, let your own intentions lift you up and push you forward.

Decide now to feel creative, productive, joyful, energetic and ready to give your best to every situation. Choose positive feelings, and act so that life unfolds according to your choice.

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KatieMac Premium
Thank you for sharing your insights, being positive does help maintain a good outlook in life
mijareze Premium
Yes, thank you for sharing.
AlexEvans Premium
Thank you for sharing your insights, very motivating.
Colestock198 Premium
I like that attitude, thank you for this uplifting post!