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Please ENJOY this piece from Kevin Schoeninger! It's AWESOME!ArtWelcome to the February 2016 Edition of Inner Peace MonthlyPlease forward this month's edition along to your friends and Like It on Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of this page.Kevin Schoeninger, www.ThePowerOfPractice.comYou can subscribe to "Inner Peace Monthly" by Clicking Here"How To Become a Healer of Stress" Common Reactions to StressBeing alive today you’re going to feel stress. Whether it’s time pressure, fin
February 10, 2016
My latest book I'm listening to on my account! I enjoy this so much! Just wanted to share! Enjoy when you can!
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This is Kevin Schoeninger's January edition. I copied and pasted this. Enjoy!Art :)Welcome to the January 2016 Edition of Inner Peace MonthlyThis month, we explore 3 simple secrets to boost your energy and resilience!Check upcoming editions of IPM for information on Kevin's "Qigong Meditation for Rejuvenation" and "Holy Fire Reiki Retreats" in Costa Rica coming later this year. If you are interested, please email Kevin: info@thepowerofpractice.comFeel free to forward this month's edition along
January 03, 2016
By Ralph MarstonDemanding what you want generates friction and resistance. Offering what you have creates value.It is nearly impossible to get anyone to care about what you want. What gets noticed, valued, appreciated, spread far and wide, is what you have to offer.Making life all about yourself is the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you think only of what’s in it for you, there will never be very much in it for you.Offer your best to the world, and you’ll find the world to b
December 31, 2015
I downloaded this audiobook ( to my account for the month. It's a little older but the concepts are phenomenal! It's awesome! Highly recommended! Enjoy!
December 29, 2015
Got my website going! :) It's not the about me and getting started pages done..would love feedback! :)
December 27, 2015
If you place conditions on happiness, even when those conditions are all met you won’t enjoy real happiness. You’ll be living in fear that those conditions will change.Make your happiness a choice, not a reaction or result. Give happiness to life rather than waiting for some particular set of circumstances to bring it to you.The world can and will treat you unfairly, and yet happiness is still yours to choose. When you do, you activate the power to change your world for the better.B
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December 14, 2015
The Daily Motivator message forMonday, December 14, 2015Positive feelingsby Ralph MarstonThe way you felt up until this minute is no longer relevant. What matters now is not how you used to feel, but how you choose to feel.If you’ve felt weary or listless, discouraged or distracted, that’s all over. You’ve just arrived at the opportunity to feel energetic and enthusiastic, purposeful and focused.There’s never any reason to complain about how bad you feel. Because you can
December 07, 2015
I subscribe to Kevin's monthly emails and I wanted to share this one I received back in September. This one is incredible! I have an account and listen to this book over and over! I hope you like it and enjoy it and it's worth it!"Welcome to the September 2015 Edition of Inner Peace Monthly"This month, we explore a simple formula for tapping into Infinite Energy.Feel free to forward this month's edition along to your friends and Like It on Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of this
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December 06, 2015
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