3 Simple Secrets To Boost Energy & Resilience

Last Update: January 23, 2016
This is Kevin Schoeninger's January edition. I copied and pasted this. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the January 2016 Edition of Inner Peace Monthly
This month, we explore 3 simple secrets to boost your energy and resilience!

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We all feel stressed and we all get overwhelmed. It’s how we address that and bounce back that matters. Fortunately, there are some specific things we can do more consciously and intentionally which make a significant impact on how we function and feel.

1. Nourish your mind and body with more conscious choices

There is no way you can be conscious of or choose every input that enters your mind and body. We are bombarded with information, subject to environmental toxins, and have to deal with many events and circumstances that are beyond our control. Because of that, it is absolutely essential that we make good choices with those things we can control. You can monitor and choose what you eat and drink, and what you read, watch, listen to, and focus on.

With that in mind, what if you asked yourself before you consume anything:

“Is this going to nourish me?”

As much as possible, make conscious choices to minimize toxins and maximize nutrients physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Here are some simple ways to do that. If these suggestions feel like too much to consider, just notice which of these seem most important for you at this moment. What is one simple, easy step that you are ready to take right now? If you take that step, then the next easy step as you feel ready, soon you’ll have made significant positive strides forward. Here are some choices to consider:

A. Consume more foods and drinks that are organic and close to their natural, whole-food state. As much as possible, avoid foods that are highly-processed, packaged, and contain added sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. Processed sugar and excess calories become fat and the toxins are stored there. This in turn affects your energy, health, and immunity. Excess sugar, in particular, causes damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain, and heart.

B. Eat to the point of satiety, but not fullness. That means slowing down, noticing the taste of your food, and paying attention to how you feel. Before taking “seconds,” wait a few minutes and see if you are really still hungry. If you consistently eat beyond what you need, your body actually loses sensitivity to satiety signals. Eating consciously restores that sensitivity. Ask your body what is nourishing and in what amount. As you do this consistently, you will regain your sense for what your body is telling you.

C. Self-care products are often less-considered, but no less important. As much as possible, minimize chemicals that you put on your skin, ingest, or inhale. This applies to deodorant, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, housecleaning products, and so on. . .

It’s no wonder we have such high cancer rates these days. Our bodies are subjected to hundreds of chemical compounds and environmental toxins daily. So, in any way you can, see how you can minimize your usage. Read labels. Find organic, chemical-free products—they are out there. Your biggest vote for change is with your purchases.

With everything that you put on your skin, ingest, or inhale, ask: “Is this nourishing me?”

D. The same guidelines apply to what you read, watch, listen to, and focus on. When you pick up a book, turn on the television, and search the Internet, ask yourself the same questions: “Is this nourishing me?” and “How much of this is the right amount?”

Making any of these choices more conscious and intentional begins to heal you and heal our planet. Our bodies and our planet are highly-intelligent self-healing systems. We just need to reduce interference caused by toxins and increase support caused by nourishment.

So, what is one simple easy change you feel inspired to make this week? Little changes add up to big differences over time.

2. Stand Up and move your body every hour

Research is showing that we suffer from low energy and illness as a result of “sitting disease.” (http://www.juststand.org/tabid/816/default.aspx) The cure is simple. If you are physically able, stand up every hour. Simply standing up and standing tall are highly-beneficial to your metabolic, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Adding movement to standing is even better. If you cannot stand, move in whatever ways you can in a seated position. Stretch your arms forward, upward, and outward, move your legs, twist your torso, stretch your neck gently in all directions.

Movement is necessary for almost all physiological functions. It increases circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, which oxygenates your body and clears toxins. Movement releases muscle tension, facilitates digestion, and boosts immune function. And, it is the fastest way to shift from feeling lethargic, stuck, or frustrated into feeling inspired, energized, and empowered.

Whatever way you choose to move, make it a point to stand up and move every hour. Your body and mind will thank you.

3. Schedule time-out to clean the slate

We live in a busy, often chaotic world. There is so much information and stimulation. There is so much fear. There is so much to do. In this environment, it is essential to take time each day to “clean the slate.” While this may seem contrary to what you feel compelled to do, taking time out from tasks will make you much more efficient and effective in completing your tasks. Taking conscious time-outs helps us be more conscious of what we focus on, helps us makes good choices, and helps us let go of what is detrimental or not essential.

In her book Healing Environment, Angela Levesque says, “Imagine everyday you wake up and your mind is like a blank chalkboard. The moment you open your eyes you begin to fill this chalkboard with information, some useful, but most of it unnecessary thoughts, memories, regrets, and anxieties of the future. Somewhere on the board are the words of your inner being or essence, letting you know the status of your body, your health and wellbeing, and your innermost desires. However, you can’t hear those words or feelings because the board is so overcrowded with useless thoughts and unnecessary worries.

In solitude, like during meditation, we clear the board except for those thoughts of your innermost being. In many cases, there are no thoughts at all, only being. That’s where all healing lies . . . biologically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. All answers are there.” (p.69, HE)

How are you cleaning your slate? Is it with a meditation, a massage, a warm bath with essential oils, a nap. . . What works well for you? When in doubt, remember this month’s question:

What would be nourishing for me right now?

(Check out the right-hand column for mini meditations to help you clean your slate in just minutes.)

Enjoy your practice!
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