Remember my post on what douchebags Skillshare are?

Last Update: January 07, 2015

Here's the original post, with a number of complaints calling out Skillshare for their BS:

I just checked their terms again to see if anything had changed - and they did. Two weeks after my blog post. I summarized the changes at the very top of the blog. Apparently truthful snark works :)

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ArpL Premium
I'm glad to see they were listening, though I will be competing against them in a way.
JewelCarol Premium
Happy that you managed to get their attention, lol. :)
Debbi26 Premium Plus
Nice job for taking them on.
Christabelle Premium
I have always encouraged people to speak up! So often they will just respond with - why, nothing ever changes. To which I respond - nothing ever will if you don't try and even if you don't see the change at least they can't say they didn't know! And I know for a fact that speaking up can change things because I have actually seen some major changes when I spoke up!
Congratulations on making a difference!
I wish more people would speak up!
jasontw111 Premium
Good job, glad you got their attention :)