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Last Update: April 24, 2015

Last fall I wrote a review of Flexjobs and recently there's been an uptick in comments on the post. I haven't been obsessively checking my stats like I used to and finally took a look today. It's become the #1 driver of traffic to my site, with 20-30 visits a day (out of ~200).

I did a quick search on Google and now I see why:

#3 on Google - not too shabby! In this case what's really driving it is not the keywords I was targeting (real work from home jobs - you can see that in the title & url) but the term flexjobs review. I have that as a tag but it's not anywhere in the body post.

However I set up a rich snippet (via a Wordpress plugin) stating that the article is a review - which also gave the attractive & attention getting star review. This is clearly making a difference.

What's also interesting is that over the past 2 months, my impressions have gone down for nearly all of the flexjobs-oriented searches but clicks & CTR have all gone up.

Here's a kicker - I just searched for 'flexjobs reviews' and guess who's clocking in at #2? :)

My takeaways: keyword research is good, so are rich snippets. Combined with a relevant topic it's a powerful combo.

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Very cool!
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Great going! Thank you for sharing.
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Awesome Arp.. Thanks for sharing.
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Way to go. Thanks for sharing. Next thing the clicks will turn into $$$. Yummie