Newbie in Internet Market

Last Update: November 03, 2013

We often look for the best for our life. We often search for mysteries, answers to our problems, committing the same mistakes often and often. We tend to forget the lesson learn from our lives. Unless we didn't try we will always be a "newbie".

We are always "newbie" to the things that we are not familiar. Joining the internet market is very hard for me. I didn't speak and write that long nor i pretend something i really don't know.

As a newbie in internet market I always look for brighter ideas for a better life. I take it a challenge on bringing the best part of me.

I also a newbie when i enter the military service, i don't have any idea on what will i do. But because I'm willing to learn and endure the hardship of training, i was able to overcome the hardship of training. I thank for my superior from bringing the best of me and teaching me for the so many values and hardship that is very useful in my life.

I know it will not take too long for me to understand internet market, because a "newbie" in this kind of stuff will entitle me a lot of courage to pursue my dream in internet market. i know it hard in the beginning , but for as long i can apply on what i will learn here i know i will be successful in the future.

Hope all of out there are willing to support me and encourage me on this endeavour.

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part290861 Premium
Yes you need time and patience in getting through this. The good thing is you can take as long as it needs to get through this. As a newbie it will benefit you in the long run. It will also allow you to go back and review. I would suggest a minimum of 30 minutes a day, but if you are able to put 1-2 hrs a day you will progress nicely. I hope I have answered your question.
arnvon1213 Premium
thanks for your time to answer my blog, patience is my key to success
IslandMike Premium
Several good things -- you probably have not tried lots of other programs that cost you lots of money and time (and make you lose faith) -- many folks here did. And also you probably have not developed bad habits -- you can get started much better by following the lessons step by step rather than need to go back and change and re-train.
arnvon1213 Premium
thank you mike for the enlightenment, i believe and confessed that im not that good in terms online marketing, but slowly im learning here at WA
mikpj Premium
Looking and shopping around is the worst thing i did. On the other hand finding WA was a good think. Now it's all about taking action. do it do it do it.