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November 13, 2013
i would like to ask how and when is the update of commission for everyone?is it right away after the sign up?or it will take a day or week before it updated.
Wealthy Affiliate friends, i would like to ask everybody, how much of your time can you devoted to WA per day? Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thank You.
November 03, 2013
We often look for the best for our life. We often search for mysteries, answers to our problems, committing the same mistakes often and often. We tend to forget the lesson learn from our lives. Unless we didn't try we will always be a "newbie". We are always "newbie" to the things that we are not familiar. Joining the internet market is very hard for me. I didn't speak and write that long nor i pretend something i really don't know. As a newbie in internet market I always look for brighter idea