How to Do Video Reviews?

Last Update: April 19, 2014

Well I am planning to add some new content to my website this afternoon, and then I saw the video by Kyle on Creating Content.

I was just trying to know that which video editing or capture software do anyone use for doing video reviews?I will appreciate if someone can shed some light on a list of softwares (preferably free).

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ljwa01 Premium
For screencast, the best and free/opensource software is OBS (just search google "obs screencast"), it's not arguably, it's definitely the best. Just keep in mind, after installation, its default mode is streaming, but if all you wanted is to record your screen activities including your audio narratives, just set its mode to "save as file" (.flv file only at this time, but it can be uploaded to youtube directly, or be converted to mp4 etc. easily)
JanCeulemans Premium
Well, I Always use Camtasia for screen capturing presentation. Unfortunately the software is not free but I thought you might want to know it anyway
Damien Lane Premium
If you are after the actual capture sw - Welshy has a vid here for you;
Arka Premium
Thanks, I will go through that.