Social Media Sharing Tips - Why ? How ? When ?

Last Update: March 15, 2016

We all know social media sharing is one of the best SEO friendly tactics to bring organic traffic to our blogs. You can slowly capture your audience attention by following a simple time table of sharing your content socially. Why should we share ? How to choose your audience ? When to share ? and What to share ?

Why should we depend on DIFFERENT social medias ?

The graph showing the percentage of global users that are active and non-active in various social media networks.

As you can see its quite billion and millions of people depending social media sites for different reasons. From this, we can drive a good amount of traffic instantly only if we know to choose our right audience for our different types of niche blogs.

Got confused how to choose your audience ? See the graph below

Bringing the right audience is the best way to build traffic and the authority. Getting traffic by sharing articles on social medias is easy but you only need the visitors related to the content you focused and you don't want the visitors searching for other contents to visit your site which may lead to an increase in bounce rate. SO ANALYSE THE TABLE.

What to share ?

Each social media concentrates more for what they made to. Therefore, our success comes when if we knows where to share and what to share as well. STUDY THE TABLE AND FIND WHAT SUITS YOU MORE!!!

When to share ?

Caution: Your bounce rate may go wild if your content is not that relevant or if having less content. So make sure with content relevancy and follow the procedures.


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Very insightful. Loved the info and the presentation of the info. Short to the point. Comparison and graphs. Exceptional post
demarsd Premium
Thanks Arjun, I love blog posts that are business helpful. I will use this info as I pull my business into run shape. Dave
RobinHudson Premium
Thanks Arjun... I need to take the plunge! Not sure how to start. I haven't reached that part of the training. I think I'll start with Facebook and Pinterest with my site.
ArjunUllaz Premium
Yes once you have a good number of high quality contents then feel free to follow these steps. Continue with training, you will reach soon there.
Awolin Premium
Hy. Thanks for the tip.
ArjunUllaz Premium
You're welcome...
starita70 Premium
Love this guide very helpful nd organized thank you!
ArjunUllaz Premium
Glad to hear that!!