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Last Update: March 12, 2016


I have now been with WA for approximately 5 weeks and have currently just completed course 2. I should be in a more advanced position but unfortunately other commitment have slowed me down somewhat!

How do i feel about WA? I am still quite optimistic. I have come across some positives and some negatives so far.


- Making at least £2000 per month. Thats the beginning. I still believe I can do.

- Being my own boss

- Having my own ONLINE business that can make money

- Building another business and having that affiliated through my own websites that I develop through WA


- The COMMUNITY is superb. I have been reluctant on many occasions to go into a venture on my own for the fear of lack of support. These days support is vital in order to be successful. I can build my business knowing I have 1000s of people online ready to help me if required.

- Enabled me to build my OWN website(s). Even though it is currently in its infancy, when I'm done with it, it will feel and look a lot better in every ways.

- I am one of those people who learn quicker if I am writing things down and if I have to research the subject. Joining WA means you HAVE to do that to be a success.


- Jaaxy. I was excited about Jaaxy only to be left disappointed. I know you get 30 searches for free. Fine. I am OK with that. But the searches reveal only some results and NOT all. All the rest are blurred out. You cannot see all the results unless you become a full/Premium member. Some of the results columns are also not viewable. Right now, I am not in a position to pay full membership for Jaaxy and so I am currently using WA tool.


- When I started my website, losethatfatwitharif.com, I thought to myself, who's going to find it useful? I mean, my content is going to be very common and obvious. Surely when someone reads my comments they will think....'I know that already' or 'well thats obvious'. Well, first surprise, the 2 comments that I have so far received contained comments contradictory to my belief. Nice surprise. If you guys wish to check it out....jump right in. My address is above. It is not the finished article by any stretch of the imagination. The pictures are also not that good. Hopefully the content is better. The whole package will be a lot lot better once I am finished with it though. Please leave comments, advice hints and tips behind if you want to. Thank you.

- I am having to join so many websites and such before I even get to the affiliate part. I seriously did not think I would be doing all that. And I am thinking there is more to come???


- Make notes as I progress in my training. Notes containing all the actions I would need to undertake on a daily basis in order to fine tune everything to give myself the maximum chance of producing some earning. If anyone have any ideas in relation to this then I would be all ears. Much appreciated.

- Complete all the sessions by the end of this month.

- Become an ambassador by the end of June

- Build top class websites in terms of content and aesthetics.

- and of course........make money by the end of JUNE


The Keyword list is fantastic. Unfortunately, I think the list ends in 2013?? It would have been great if there was a monthly update. I wonder, can Kyle and Carson get this updated? I think it would help a lot people. What do you think?

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KatieMac Premium
Great progress and look at like this if people already knew about losing the fat they would not be searching online, many people are looking to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. You are making great progress and the WA keyword tool here works just fine and it is free. have a looking at the training here
riowithme Premium
Hey Arif. I've only been in WA for 2 weeks and already at Course 4 with 2 websites up and running with regular posts. On average I was spending 4-5 hours daily along with a 9-6 job and taking care of a newborn. If I can do it, so can you! All you need is to get excited and have a vision for what your website can become. Not just its earning power but as a force for change.

I want to help you reach your goals. June is only 3 months away and that means you will have to put effort into it. It doesn't have to be back-breaking but it has to be consistent. I had a quick look on your website and you have a lot of good info there already. So all it needs is just some touch up, pictures and formatting and you're ready to go.

Here are some questions I'd like you to think about:
- How much time can you commit daily?
- Can you bring yourself up to speed to at least Course 4 by March end?
- What are you mini-goals for Mar, April and May?

Let me know how I can help.
ArifAhmed Premium
Hi, thank you for the comments, advice and tips, and also visiting my site. Much appreciated. I wish I could do 4-5 hours daily, unfortunately, with two small school girls, it's a little bt tricky. I have taken certain forms of acton which may enable me to get to the end of course 4 by March. I try to complete 1 lesson per day. I cannot wait till I complete the course. Once I have done that I will apply finishing touches to everything.
Again that you for the comments and hope to feed off each other to achieve our individual goals.
riowithme Premium
No worries Arif. I know not many people can commit to 4-5 hours and that's not what I'm asking you to do. So you need to be realistic on how much time you can spend a day. The lessons will be a good benchmark. You probably need to spend about 20 min (depending on video and reading), then another 40 minutes for tasks (the bulk of it would be researching keywords and writing posts). Posts don't have to be perfect, you'll get better as you write more. And don't waste too much time researching. You already have a niche, think of what you want to write, research the keyword around it and write it. 1 hour a day is all it takes to get from A to B. Slowly but surely.

All the best.
ArifAhmed Premium
Thank you. Do you use Jaaxy or WA Keyword Tool? Whats to opinion on those two?
riowithme Premium
I'm using WA Keyword Tool at the moment. Jaaxy is too expensive and too fancy for me. I don't understand all of its function to fully utilize it. WA Tool works okay for me. You just need to know what you are looking for. There are some posts that other WA members wrote on the WA Tool. Help is never too far away.
ArifAhmed Premium
thank you. will use.