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Last Update: January 17, 2016

I have been raking my mind on how to get all these friends of mine in Indonesia to get in the WA wagon. For sure, if I prospect those that are doing well ... Hmpphh they will not need this as yet. Need to prospect those young ones that are quite ok in English n eager for a shot at making money online. However, they will not have enough money to make the monthly let alone yearly on WA.

Then it came to me ... There are money all over the Internet. All we need is to know where and how to pick them and accumulate them up. I am starting with Fiver as that is more crazier and does seem to be much easier. Will also look some local sites like Fiverr.

If I can teach them to accumulate all these small monies and then use them for a great education on WA it may just work!!!

My next problem is one of payment and withdrawal. I have not been able t connect PayPal with VISA or MasterCard debit cards from Indonesian banks. This what I am trying to work out right now.

If I can get over this hurdle ... Or even if I can get them to leave money on PayPal without need to withdraw them from PayPal so that they can make use of PayPal directly to makes payments on goods and services like WA ... Sort of like no need to make any withdrawals and simply convert them into services or goods.

Anybody got any ideas on payments or suggestions on this? Any ideas and comments are truly welcome.

Thanks fellow affiliates,


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Everlight Premium
Hi Apeng, I'm also from Indonesia and can understand about your struggle.

I chose not to promote WA to the fellow Indonesia people exactly because of what you have mentioned above :) Although online entrepreneurship is a rising trend here, most of them thought that for becoming successful is by selling things online at marketplace or create a similar e-commercer website.

Instead of promoting WA (an English website and needs a LOT to learn), you may want to be affiliated with shopping e-commerce builder website (If I remember correctly, Shopify is one of them. You may want to do some researches).

They need something easy to understand because English is most people's weakness in our country. Although most ecommerce builder using English, usually they have a step-by-step chart and easy to follow, even the user is not really understand about English.

I have connected my PayPal with my credit card (VISA), which was issued by an Indonesian bank. You can't connect it with debit card from Indonesian bank.

Alternatively, you can connect your PayPal account with a Virtual Credit Card (a bit risky) or creating a Payoneer Account (Prepaid Master Card Debit).

Apeng Premium
Ahhh Ferdinand ... Trims bro !!!
Totally agree with you on our Indonesia. That is the trend right now ... Yes they have made progress there and some I know made quite a lot by Indonesian standards. But they can do more ... Some are eager and some are not due to the language barrier.
Now ... I have run into a group of junior friends, English is so so but they have a good understanding of English. Problem is money ... So they will need to be able to fuel their education in WA by doing what many of us Cowboys did in school ... Wait on tables, minimum wages jobs that are plentiful but minimum ... I was a bartender when I went to school to fund for part of my educational expenses. So taking from that inspiration ... I am trying to emulate what we all did back then here.
Thanks for comin thru with the payment instruments. No wonder my debit don't work! Yes ... I have been checking out the prepaid MasterCard ... If you have more info they would be most welcomed. I would like to help this group of young friends as they have the potential and eager to learn but got no credit cards ... Yet! They need the vessel and the vessel is here dude!
Thanks again Ferdinand!
Have a great week bro!

Ohh ... Your are the 9th Indonesian that I know here in WA. har har har ... There may be more ... Hansen and yourself are the two top active Indo dudes here. Glad to know you Ferdinand.
BrianClark73 Premium
Apen, I think this is wonderful that within WA, you can connect with people in your own area who are overcoming the same challenges you are having.

Best luck to both of you in your WA work.
Apeng Premium
Thanks Brian!
gooddogpoky2 Premium
Very interesting list of concerns, Apen, from your vantage point in Indonesia. I will give this some thought and keep and eye out for any ideas that might pop up for you. Nice piece. DAN
Apeng Premium
Thanks Dan. Any thoughts will help greatly. Have a great week ahead. Apeng.
gooddogpoky2 Premium
Thanks Apeng. DAN
KatieMac Premium
great aspirations Apen it is about finding the solutions wish you every success with those goals
Apeng Premium
Thanks Katie ... Indeed the more I delve into online marketing with the WA community ... The more solutions I find. Problem is that with every solution there is always a need for solutions to the solutions. It's exciting and always breaking new grounds. its like opening Pandora's box. Beginning of civilisation ... For me it is a continuous eye opener. It's a brave new world indeed ! Cheers Katie. Apeng.