We Are Thankful for Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Nov 26, 2020

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It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I am thinking of Wealth Affiliate and you!

I am so grateful to have Wealthy Affiliate as my business partner and kind help from our WA members. Every one of you has beautiful heart, unique energy, and soul in the world and your unique presence in our community. Thank you for being in our world…

Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving today, may you know that we’re sending you light and love with deep appreciation and gratitude for who you are and how you show up for others.

In this unprecedented 2020, WA shows its best humanity and is always here to support us in their best possible way. We’re celebrating “Bright Friday” today with our biggest savings on WA membership: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/blackfriday.

I hope your day is full of love, laughter and good foods. Whether you’re on a mountain top or in a valley today, I encourage you to remember gratitude, because when you can remember the little things to be thankful for, they get bigger.

I hope you and your family have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day, Everyday!


Recent Comments


Thank you for the Thanksgiving message. Like you we are grateful for Wealthy Affiliate. The community is so very helpful and friendly.

The statement you included in your blog above really stood out to us. "when you can remember the little things to be thankful for, they get bigger" What a beautiful statement. It is so very true.

We wish you much jog and success as you continue this online journey..

Thank you very much. Sincere wish you the best in your endeavoors. Good luck with your business!

Gratitude is a wonderful emotion and thanks for sharing it. Warm regards from 🇦🇺 (we don’t have the US custom of Thanksgiving here but hope you all enjoy this time)

It is nice to share this and Let's the spirit to move our business forward.

Have a great day

Great day to you!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

The same to you and have a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Anthony!~^

Rose 💕

Great day for you and your family!

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