Money is energy so to get money get yourself energetic

Last Update: Jul 7, 2015


Today I've been reading some book by Stuart Wilde which says money is energy so to get money get excited. Pretty simple explanation but definitely truth and resonated with me. Look at your attitude when you are creating your business or doing anything. How can you expect to create an outstanding product with little to no energy. Everything that you do requires energy if you want to do it right.

Some people have rituals which gets them energetic before they do anything, for example the famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins has rituals in the morning as soon as he wakes up before he does anything else and he places gratitude as the most important thing. If you want to have something done you have to be positive and excited about it. It is no accident that people who are best at something absolutely love to do it.

For them success is just doing the thing they love, I believe that is how to be successful in life and in order to get money don't think about money when you do something. Think yourself as already rich and abundant because when you do something from that state of abundance it will be abundant and rich. Because everything you do is an extension of you.

If you feel like something is missing and that you are in lack you will create everything as something that is lacking and missing. Now neither of us wants this do we? Of course we want the money and to be rich but the challenge is how to feel like rich and abundant when all that we see around ourselves is lack and limitations. Yes I know there are no lack and limitations, only appearances of that but how to see through appearances that is the question.

I used to think before that it takes willpower to do anything but now I see that it takes love which equals energy to do anything. It is amazing how something that you hear or read can inspire you to write or do something else. I find that for me it must be something which resonates with me deeply. I am discovering more and more that this is really a mental game before anything else which is strange to me as we live in a material world according to my senses of seeing, touching, hearing and smelling.

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Totally on board with this commentary. Way to go Tony Robbins Jr :)

Energy begets inspiration and inspiration is absolutely a requirement for developing an interesting website. Your inspiration is a deep belief in something, For others that can be anything that makes you want to do and be involved.

Well done Ante

Well I quoted him because his words resonate with me deeply as with you also I believe and thank you for your kind words :)



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