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Last Update: Nov 4, 2019

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I joined WA in June 2019 and decided to upgrade to 'Premium' in July. That seems quite a long time ago for me.

I have been interested in internet maketing for some time now. Been dabbling here and there without much success. Maybe because I was not fully committed.

Somehow I came across the WA ad by Danny and clicked it. I have found the WA community to be very friendly and accommodating. I have made friends from across the world with newbies like me to 'sifus' like Kyle and Joe and Edwin ( so many I cannot name all of them here). Oh, I must not forget Jay from magistudios. I love his videos but sometimes his training is too early for me. Due to the time zone difference, Jay appears online at 8 am in my neck of the woods.

At first I was overwhelmed by so much information at WA. I spent sleepless nights with my laptop. However, there was little productivity as I has to read and re-read and jot things down to actually appreciate the training. Even now, I am still learning.

Reading the members blogs is very inspiring and encouraging. It reinforces Kyle's training.I learn a lot from the tips and words of motivation in these blogs.

So for now, I will continue with my training and polish and edit my website. I have completed level two of Kyle's training. Wish me luck that I will plod on.

Till we meet again, Learn the System and Grow with WA.


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You are doing great, Azizah.
Keep going and all the best.

We are glad to have you onboard Azizah. Good luck with the training and all your making money online endeavors.

Great post. Have a blessed day. :)

Fortunately Jay's webinars are recorded so you can watch them at times that are convenient for you!


Right, but it is nothing like tasting the bread fresh from the oven.

Thanks for your comment, Jeff.

Great analogy, I hadn't thought about it like that, but sometimes 'day-old' bread tastes almost as good when you warm it up!!


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