My first index on Google with WP and WA!

Last Update: December 16, 2019

I am so excited for my first website index since joining Wealthy Affiliate and using WordPress. I converted a website that I've had for a while, but sort of left for dormant more recently on Weebly to WP! I followed advice from some helpful WA members, especially @marionblack and @doug20! I have my domain name at Godaddy and for the time being left it there, but added the WA namerserver addresses and wa-la! I had some trouble seeing my website, but error on myside. It was corrected once I reset my modem.

I am now excited to update and add new content! My site is all about learning to sell on eBay and promoting my online course that I created two years ago. I'm getting ready (in all my spare time) to film another course on Consignment sellling, which I have done for years. It's such an easy way to get an assortment of items to sell online, especially eBay, without spending a dime. Friends, neighbors, members of your community give you their items, you list, photo, sell and ship and then give them a cut (50/50 split works for me!).

Since I have learned how to move one of my Weebly sites over to WA and WP, I'm planning on doing the others. I have a dozen or more that I'd like to bring on over! I'm very excited about how this will work with my assorted niches and interests and then add some proper affiliate links, which as I work on the training will come all in good time!

Also a shout out to the help center. They helped me sort out what I couldn't see my site once I moved it over to WA! So quick and helpful. I can't say enough great things about WA! I will keep on working on my goals and encourage other new premium members to do the same!

Yippee! Doing another Happy Dance! I'm so excited!

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Mick18 Premium
Congrats! That's awesome!
Have a great week,
marcho88 Premium
Great job!
j52powell Premium
Congratulations. All success pushing ahead. Joe
annezarra Premium
Yup, one task at a time. It's fun too! ANNE
John2handy Premium
I got a referral to WA just from that so press on. I am not far enough in to even know how it happened.
annezarra Premium
Congrats! Someone saw a link somewhere - way to go!
JLofgren Premium
Awesome! I'm so glad for you :) Keep up good work!
annezarra Premium
Thanks! Will do for sure! ANNE Z